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Excellent! The Black Keys fail to disappoint again. This is a lively and obviously danceable track and they keep the rhythm safely out of a sloppy backslides , even towards the end of the song. This is a song that I can probably never tire of listening to as is what happens with a lot of the churned out indie music band songs. Often I can only do one listen , not absolutely despise it, but have no desire to hear it again. CMJ had quite a few good new artists that I'd like to hear more from . I am wow'ed by this song, but I can do without the crazy man dancing video!
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November 1, 2011 on The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”
This track surprised me. Floating ethereal clouds of bliss come to mind with the dreamy crooning and space time heavy languid beats. This is a song I would want to have on a long road trip on loop or somewhere that I can sit closely with a lover and not speak until the song is over More reviews coming from the ” Brutally Honest Indie Music Blogger” You’ll see many more of my posts for the CMJ and my new reviews on upcoming bands. BHIMB
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November 1, 2011 on Pure X – “Surface”
That's a mash up of static and noise and I'm using M-Audio stereophile speakers. No offense but that "music" sounds like trains crashing in a subway station and the singer a COPD patient wheezing into a ventilator . I wouldn't buy it, but could listen to it outside where it wont make my ears run away from my head and never return! I never heard off this band before , but I like to be honest about my reviews because there isnt much of that in indie these days . There's so many bands that arent that good, and the media pushes on our ears what we don't even like , but are supposed to like. Even if they blew soft farts into the microphone and called it singing.. this sound of a garbage compacter screeching in the background for extra bout some more cowbells ,anyone?? ' More reviews coming from the " Brutally honest Indie music Blogger" You'll see many more of my posts for the CMJ and my new reviews on upcoming bands. BHIMB
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November 1, 2011 on The Big Sleep – “Ace”