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i love the king of limbs. i think it's deliberately understated and is a showcase for drummer phil selway. his rhythms on this album are innovative to say the least, not to mention how near impossible it would be to incorporate his syncopation into any other band. and just because johnny greenwood isn't shredding his guitar doesn't mean he wasn't around. it's been clear for a while that he shreds live, but on record, he utilizes his many talents as a multi-instrumentalist. and to be upset about the concept of thom yorke pulling weight is like being mad at a genius for saying smart things. really. let's all calm the fuck down, read some artsy newspaper and not always expect epic portions of rock the way we expect at an all you can eat restaurant. the king of limbs is subtle, rhythmic and even though it never goes right for the jugular, it still slays me.
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March 29, 2011 on The Trouble With The King Of Limbs
Javelin - No Mas. i just got this record and no one really gave it much thought. i think it's great!
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January 13, 2011 on The 20 Most Overlooked LPs Of 2010