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I kinda like the censored version. 'cause you know what it is.
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November 2, 2012 on Death Grips Dropped By Epic
I love that dreamy bit at 3:20
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October 30, 2012 on Memory Tapes – “Walk Me Home 2″
I still feel like Kid A is the best. I remember when OK Computer came out. Nobody went crazy for it. They especially weren't saying it was their best album nor their masterpiece, rather, all these sentiments came about when Kid A was released. OK Computer is a good album, but I wouldn't even put it in my Top 3 Radiohead albums.
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October 30, 2012 on Radiohead Albums From Worst To Best
Awesome. He's really pumpin' 'em out. Now let's just hope he doesn't wait 10 years to release his next album.
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October 30, 2012 on Kendrick Lamar – “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)” (Prod. J. Cole & Canei Finch)
Yeah, I think it actually sounds a lot like Arcade Fire.
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October 19, 2012 on Local Natives – “Breakers”
Juxtaposition of punk rock and ballet. Wonderfully done.
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October 9, 2012 on Cloud Nothings – “Fall In” Video