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Lead singer from Ra Ra Riot has some decent pipes. I think he would do well. Also the lead singer from Elbow would get through the first few rounds. Then have to get a makeover to continue advancing.
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September 22, 2011 on Five Indie Types Who Would Do Well On X Factor… And Five Who Wouldn’t
Isn't instead of is. Sorry!
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September 14, 2011 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands of 2011
Great list. I'm still a little shocked that Love Inks is getting much love in the States. Their debut is solid.
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September 14, 2011 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands of 2011
I was in 8th grade when this album came out. I lived in the Rio Grande Valley and we did not have college radio and the internet was still pre-Al Gore. I could not help but gravitate toward this record. You have to remember, with only a few exceptions, radio was littered with Color Me Badd, Bryan Adams and Extreme. I recall buying this on cassette and my cousin getting "Nevermind" the same day on CD. (i was the poor one) Unfortunately it really does sound dated. The production and the "look-at-me" solos are a little much. ( I honestly feel No Code and Yield are much better records) But I still love what this record represents to me. This record eventually led me to the Pixies, Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement. And for that, I am forever thankful.
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August 30, 2011 on Ten Turns 20
rskva, I think the proper response is - SORRY. KIP - "You know nothing of my work! You mean my whole fallacy is wrong." And before you accuse me of plagiarism, that's a quote from "Annie Hall."
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July 15, 2011 on Under The Influence: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Belong