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So this list was about the Greatest artists of all time...Being an artist is more than making great music or know how to play instruments beautifully...it's more than having an amazing voice or dance extraordinarily...it's more than having an extremely successful album or single...it's more than making great videos or having huge Touring box Offices...It's more than having so many hits in the charts in the US(if any, it would have to be worldwide)...BUT, it does include all of these things together, along with other features...So, if we would want to for instance measure Bob Dylan in terms of let's say, dance,videos,hit singles, tours etc...he would be in the lower part of this list...or, if we would want to measure Elvis in terms of his skill to playing instruments or write amazing lyrics he would be so low as well...So there's just so much to this type of lists, added to that it's our subjective preferences for an specific genre of music or for the love or rejection toward the voice, the presence, the talent in specific stuff, of different artists...this will for instance make us love Metallica and passionately dislike Aretha Franklin...or would make us adore Elvis, Madonna or Michael and dislike passionately Ledd Zeppelin, Nirvan or Kiss.........some may also say why the hell is Rod Stewart not in the list having sold over 140 million albums worldwide or Celine Dione having sold over 160 million albums compared to Beyonce or Alicia Keys who haven't even sold 20 or 30 million albums!......then the "purists" may say at this: oh because their music was crap blah blah blah.... there's just too much involved to such a generic title as "Greatest Artists" that I think it will not leave anyone satisfied and less when there are truly lots of "weird" positioning of these top 100...BUT COME ON!!! TO PUT NIRVANA WAY ABOVE R.EM...!?!?!?.....NOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!...LOL...
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September 16, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time
I think ur tope 10 can be acceptable although I would include Queen and Abba and take out Eric Clapton, Prince and even Bob Dylan...I think Bob is being too overrated as an artist and has basically being some kind of US flag, not with a worldwide appeal...same goes for Eric Clapton, he may be an extraordinary guitarist but didn't revolution anything indeed...not even anything superficial...and Prince, the same goes for him...just because he's a prolific artist doesn't mean he caused a huge impact other than the "Purple Rain" era and his too sexual kitch lyrics...lol...I think Abba and Queen made much more of an impact in Music and Pop-Rock Culture...whether Freddy might have been too flamboyant, or Abba's music might have been too perfect pop...Also, there's much more merit in an artist when he/she/they achieve long relevant careers in an always changeable, inconstant Music Market than an artist like Cobain who kills himself and becomes some kind of a "legend" and gets placed in this list above Madonna, Pink Floyd, Queen or Abba...that's why i think the top 100 positions do not make sense at all....and yes, Alicia and Beyonce do not deserve under no premise to be in this list, simply because if there's a reason for including them them they should also include acts like Alanis Morrissette,Björk or even Britney, this lattest one matching Beyonce's flat-supercial-esque music.......
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September 16, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time