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Bruh you've got that backwards, I've been repping the Neon Genesis opening theme for over a decade.
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April 4, 2019 on Grimes Calls Art Angels A “Piece Of Crap” And “A Stain On My Life”
You should check out Nepenthe by Julianna Barwick, it was actually recorded in Sigur Ros' studio with Alex. Maybe one of the most beautiful albums of all time.
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May 8, 2018 on Stream Sigur Rós’ Endless New Mixtape Liminal
Very cool that we live in a reality where this headline didn't even phase me.
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October 18, 2017 on Tom DeLonge Is Crowdfunding A Spaceship
Maybe it's because I'm finally listening at 8 am while half asleep and hung over but The Gate is very much doing it for me right now.
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September 16, 2017 on Björk’s New Album Is Titled Utopia
Hot take: Familiars is their best album and maybe if y'all had realized that this wouldn't have happened
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September 10, 2017 on The Antlers Announce Breakup To Fan On Twitter
This genuinely brightened my morning.
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August 25, 2017 on Watch Paramore Play An After Laughter Mini-Concert On GMA
Honestly inspiring to have watched to commentariat move from openly complaining about CRJ coverage to willingly voting her into second place of the Song of the Summer poll.
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August 25, 2017 on Watch Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Cut To The Feeling” Promo Video
May we never learn what it is she do, as the horror would be too great for any sane mind.
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August 25, 2017 on Taylor Swift – “Look What You Made Me Do”
Was Shaking the Habit not considered experimental?
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August 13, 2017 on The Knife Share Another Weird Teaser Video
Major shouts-out to whoever decided to make the earhole a cup holder.
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August 6, 2017 on Gucci Mane Got A New Pool Float
Just want to point out that PC Music already did the whole "fake energy drink based on a song" thing with much more conviction and a much better song.
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August 4, 2017 on Watch Arcade Fire’s Colbert Performance, Complete With Fake Infomercial
Who would preorder an album with absolutely no details? That's absurd. Ah good, my card went through.
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August 2, 2017 on Björk Shares New Album Pre-Order, But No Details Yet
I think the incredible short, barebones writeups for each song speak volumes. I've never seen the staff less enthused about something they seem obligated to cover. I think the songs have all been great personally.
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July 21, 2017 on Grizzly Bear – “Neighbors”
I don't think you're getting the full scope of their genius. It's like, you want it now right? But you have.... to wait. They've brilliantly folded the standard bloated press cycle into their message by, uh, doing the standard bloated press cycle.
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June 28, 2017 on Arcade Fire Officially Unveil Everything Now Tracklist
That's, like, the point, man. They're playing 4D chess here.
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June 28, 2017 on Arcade Fire Officially Unveil Everything Now Tracklist
Just want to acknowledge the TWO Marshall stacks behind Nathan that he's not even plugged into.
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June 22, 2017 on Watch Mac DeMarco Perform “On The Level” On Conan With Nathan Fielder On Fake Guitar
Man that time signature change in the chorus is so close to taking off in a really cool way. I hope they record a studio version of this, it's got potential to be a real fuckin jam.
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June 20, 2017 on Watch Crying Cover Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Run Away With Me”
Hot take: he's being (purposely?) petulant but he's right.
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June 7, 2017 on Ricky Eat Acid Shares Essay-Length Car Seat Headrest Takedown
Counterpoint: whoa what's going on with No Friend?
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May 12, 2017 on Stream Paramore After Laughter
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May 4, 2017 on Grizzly Bear – “Three Rings”
Mad respect for your choice of that version of The Chain.
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May 1, 2017 on The Chainsmokers Are Second-Ever Act To Spend A Year In The Top 10
As a distant fan of Paramore (really just heard a few singles): this is dope.
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April 19, 2017 on Paramore – “Hard Times” Video