Anyone else think "impacting radio" is kind of a strangely intense phrase? Will the new album totally demolish music forever?
A chicken in every pot and a glass dildo in every......nevermind
Would also accept "Police declined Drake's offer, citing some of his Worst Behavior"
Panda Bear MEETS THE Grim Reaper. "with the Grim Reaper" sounds like they are getting together for coffee.
I agree with everything in this comment. Person Pitch is the only thing from any of them that I still go back to. Though I did like Panda Bear Meets with the Grim Reaper more than I expected.
Man, how far has Animal Collective fallen that I have not seen any press at all for this new EP. So excellent we don't understand it yet, indeed.
And yet every year we do the same song and dance of "maybe the Grammys won't suck this time, there's some interesting performances" and then every year its the same bullshit. I get that the writers of Stereogum are obligated to cover the Grammys, but outside of media/industry people propping up the Grammys as being relevant, I don't really see much interest in them from people in general. Just watch the performances on Youtube if you really want to see them. Fuck the Grammys though.
"i’m writing these things so that when/if these things happen there will be a public record beforehand." Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Moby's Instagram, the most important mouthpiece against fascism to ever exist in the history of mankind.
As a Knicks fan, this is the meanest thing I have ever seen written about the Grammys.
.....I might have gotten a little carried away sorry about that
YES THANK YOU I fucking hate Spotify.
I found one on Raptor Jesus's profile but nothing's been added since early January. I know I'm being annoying but jesus fucking christ why is this impossible.
No results. This is why I never bother with this. It feels like I'm smashing my head against a wall hoping to cure a headache.
I just added you but can't find the playlist. Am I a total moron or something? Is it normally this difficult for everyone?
Is there a way to find the playlists without getting linked or finding someone who already follows them? Spotify's user interface is unbelievably terrible sometimes.
Can someone link me to the weekend playlist? I feel like an old man but I cannot for the life of me find these playlists using the search on Spotify.
Yes, which is why we are making fun of him here. But Kanye was hyping him a bunch when he first came up, and the Kanye bump is real.
Proximity to more talented and successful people like Kanye and Kendrick.
I upvoted you because I agree with the downvoted comment, for the record.
Other things Big Sean believes: Matrix Revolutions is the best Matrix movie Star Wars Prequels are underrated Radiohead should have called it quits after Pablo Honey B.o.B. really had a point there with the whole flat earth thing "Hey Soul Sister" by Train is a great song Spike Lee made the better version of Oldboy The Dexter series finale was perfect So was the How I Met Your Mother finale The Beach Boys are better without Brian Wilson
Garden State-core is a good descriptor. Would also go with Apple Commercial-core.
Is this the quickest turnaround for a reboot yet? Coming in 2018: the Stranger Things reboot you have all been waiting for.
Or don't watch the Grammys because you know they will suck and fool me once shame on you but teach a man to fool me and I will be fooled for the rest of my life.
This is great but how did they get a dead person to write this article? RIP Videogum Also hi Kelly!
"You know that feeling where you haven’t even heard a song yet, but you also know that it’s going to be inescapable pretty soon?" Yeah, usually I take a few Advil as a preemptive strike.
Ahhh did not realize that at first. It has been added!
Thanks. But how is "Car Chase Terror!" by M83 not on that playlist?
This might not get seen as it is late, but can someone fucking point me in the direction of how to find any of the Stereogum community playlists? I do a search on Spotify for "Stereogum" and only get the official Stereogum playlists more or less. I just pasted "Stereogum Serial Killer Van Playlist" into the Spotify search bar and got nothing. I want to participate in these but every fucking time I have tried I have problems with fucking Spotify in one way or another.
I listened to Syd's album, and it was decent, but Sampha's album should have gotten it last week for sure.
Art Angels came out in late 2015. I get that it probably missed the cutoff or whatever, but still strange seeing it in there for 2017 awards with a bunch of stuff from 2016. Having said that, I hope Art Angels/Grimes wins for everything its nominated for. Also I'm kind of surprised Kaytranada didn't get more nominations for 99.9%.
As a big Mets fan I have to warn you not to listen to this man and his evil suggestions. Pick the Mets, we have a Norse god on our team.
Good god almighty baseball can't come soon enough.
Hell yeah, love 2814. I am definitely going to get a handful of releases by telepath (one half of 2814).
Frequently when I commuted into Grand Central they would crowd right in front of the doors on the platform when my train pulled in, blocking anyone from being able to get out of the subway car. Whenever this happened, I always thought of myself as the bowling ball and all of them as the pins and here I come aiming for a strike.
Scott, welcome to working in midtown Manhattan and I am sorry you now work in midtown Manhattan. The tourists here are tirelessly committed to blocking people's way and disrupting the flow of traffic. I hope for your sake the commute doesn't involve Grand Central or Penn Station. I used to commute in and out of Grand Central and every time walking there I thought of the Camelot scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "On second thought lets not go to Grand Central, tis a silly place."
Hey everyone, go buy stuff on bandcamp today! I'm sure it was covered here already, but Bandcamp is donating 100% of their proceeds from sales today to the ACLU. This is going to a good cause AND it's going to increase the vaporwave aesthetics in my apartment tenfold.
Yeah I'm really not going to entertain any contrarian posturing that actually if you think about it Nickelback was always great and you're just trying to be edgy by not liking them.
Holy shit I am laughing so hard right now. All other "FJM is a self important douchebag" comments need to aspire to this level of nailing it.
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