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The whole thing makes me feel awkward. Oh, and the song sucks too.
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May 24, 2017 on Migos Refused To Appear With Drag Queens For Katy Perry’s SNL Performance
I really wish that this festival had a "Garage Sludge Psyche Noise Session" ala Bonnaroo Super Jam. Just about 15 guitars on stage and Anton Newcombe possessing everyone.
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May 9, 2017 on Hopscotch 2017 Lineup
Late the party here. But, yeah, this a banger. That Gipp at the end?
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April 28, 2017 on Big Boi – “Kill Jill” (Feat. Killer Mike & Jeezy)
Such a fantastic song. It is definitely his "Walk on By".
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March 23, 2017 on Michael Kiwanuka – “Cold Little Heart” Video
Wonder if any of the Drive By Truckers album may have helped with his influence on this track. Very good stuff and will be fun live.
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March 23, 2017 on Jason Isbell – “Hope The High Road”
Seriously, Tidal? Are we still doing this?
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March 23, 2017 on New Gorillaz Album Humanz Out 4/28
So, I don't get it, do you as a website like or dislike fan videos? As a music blog I understand that posting content is your job, but you have writers that have no problem expressing their opinions on content in their posts. So, I wouldn't say you're devoid of personal feelings on the site. I guess what I am getting at is an artist like Tillman writes some songs that are deeply emotive, and as a result, I think posting these tracks in a garbage way like this does them a disservice. But, obviously posting them empowers these goofs that sit there and record it. I realize the person come to the page has a choice, but that doesn't really let you off the hook. So, I am not going to listen, but appreciate the information on the album being done. That's really all you should have posted.
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December 4, 2016 on Watch Father John Misty Debut New Song At SMooCH Benefit In Seattle
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November 22, 2016 on Kanye West Hospitalized Under Psychiatric Hold
Read that headline to yourself a couple times and try to not find it a little funny. And maybe a little foresight by the editor.
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November 21, 2016 on Kanye West Hospitalized Under Psychiatric Hold
Good. Later. Be gone fake music fans. I still buy vinyl. You all keep this stupid campaign up so you can say you're right. You're the annoying friend, SG.
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September 9, 2016 on We Have Reached Peak Vinyl
Produced by Alchemist. That is all.
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September 1, 2016 on Action Bronson – “Descendants Of The Stars”
That picture seems to say is it "Blond" or "Blonde".....
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August 26, 2016 on 3 Reasons History Will Look Fondly On Blonde
What borough did you claim as a youth growing up in NY, tom?
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August 17, 2016 on Over-The-Top Superhero Melodrama The Get Down Gets Early Rap So Wrong And So Right
I'll just listen to what McGregor has to say about WWE instead.
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August 15, 2016 on Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham & Stereogum’s Tom Breihan Launch Wrestling Podcast
Yall need to do a piece on D'arcy and find what cave she is currently worshiping cleaning products in and report back. This is really awesome though.
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March 27, 2016 on Watch Smashing Pumpkins Reunite With James Iha For The First Time In 16 Years
I'm really sick of that ginger in the Axe body ad. And I am a ginger.
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March 7, 2016 on Watch Ty Segall’s Creepy Performance On A Chicago Morning News Show
The fact you have that much support for you comment is scary. I envision you having a lot of anxiety after you posted that, like, "is this cool? Is it too obvious? Fuck it, I'll just do it. "(Checks the comment approval incessantly)
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March 1, 2016 on M83 – “Do It, Try It”
Tom, hating on shit since forever. Maybe give it a chance first? I would think a tupac movie is long overdue.
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December 24, 2015 on Tupac Biopic Has Its Lead
Can you all start compiling these lists into Spotify and sharing the link?
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November 25, 2015 on The 18 Best Oasis Songs Since Be Here Now