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Not sure I'd call that any kind of a moral victory. Raptors owned them in their own house.
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May 24, 2019 on Bucks Owner’s Daughter Trolls Drake With Pusha-T Shirt
I'm not totally convinced Thom Yorke and Tilda Swinton aren't the same person tbh
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May 23, 2019 on Jonny Greenwood Thinks The “Slightly Unusual-Looking” Guy From SNL Should Play Him In A Movie
Did he get Vampire Weekend's design team for that cover?
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May 23, 2019 on Steve Lacy – “Hate CD”
Welcome to the music journalism site called Stereogum
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May 8, 2019 on The Secret To Mac DeMarco’s Baffling Success
Can't wait to give this a listen. I will forever be rooting for Pile!
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May 2, 2019 on Stream Pile’s New Album Green And Gray
I dunno, I went into it expecting a pretentious art house type movie and also expecting/hoping to like it a lot. I'm not sure it was slammed by print journalists because they were expecting a straightforward horror movie. I think most print journalists slammed it because it was a fucking mess.
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April 29, 2019 on Thom Yorke – “Don’t Fear The Light”
I don’t understand why being “a dude band playing dude music about being dudes for dudes.” is necessarily a bad thing
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April 28, 2019 on Post-Nothing Turns 10
I know Nipsey took steps to better his community and this is brutal news. I wasn't really trying to call you out on a "can't we do better" type response to news like this, I just genuinely wish there was an easy way to stop this kind of violence from happening. Maybe it's the cynic in me, but I sometimes feel like there's nothing most people can do and it's very frustrating.
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April 1, 2019 on Nipsey Hussle Dead At 33
What kind of changes do you think need to happen to counteract situations like these from happening?
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March 31, 2019 on Nipsey Hussle Dead At 33
Toronto Maple Leafs - 2059 maybe this is the year? Hahaha Also, great Demolition Man reference with the three seashells.
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January 30, 2019 on PUP – “Kids” Video
These guys always do incredible music videos.
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January 30, 2019 on PUP – “Kids” Video
Honestly I’m pretty disappointed it wasn’t Fart Out The Butt
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January 24, 2019 on Vampire Weekend – “Harmony Hall” & “2021” Hey Tom, I'd recommend giving this a read. It's a decidedly more level-headed, rational take on the bullshit that happened over the weekend. The first three paragraphs of this review are bruuuuutal.
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January 22, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Judiciary Surface Noise
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January 21, 2019 on Here’s The Frasier Theme In The Style Of The National
I thought you could’ve meant it that way, but commented like an ass anyways. Sorry
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January 18, 2019 on Blood Bank Turns 10
Not to nitpick, but he says consequential rather than best, which to me seems accurate. Now that all being said, I'm gonna throw Woman King into the mix for best aughts EP.
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January 18, 2019 on Blood Bank Turns 10
If this isn't the actual title, I hope there is enough time for Ezra to change it to this.
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January 17, 2019 on Vampire Weekend Reveal Plans For Double Album, Releasing “Harmony Hall” And “2021” Next Week
This seems to me like an homage to Blow-Up, the Michelangelo Antonioni film.
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January 4, 2019 on Parquet Courts & Daniele Luppi – “Talisa” (Feat. Karen O) Video
It's very good. I don't really care about superhero movies at all and I loved it. Super charming and the animation style was unique and interesting.
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December 21, 2018 on Spider-Man’s Christmas EP Is Here
He could’ve avoided going to jail quite easily: by not bringing a loaded pistol on an airplane.
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December 19, 2018 on Juelz Santana Sentenced To 27 Months In Prison On Gun Charge
Excessive?? The dude tried to bring a loaded weapon on a friggin airplane!
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December 19, 2018 on Juelz Santana Sentenced To 27 Months In Prison On Gun Charge