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I'm having a hard enough time telling the difference between those two Sleigh Bells songs. How about a little variety with the beats, guys?
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November 3, 2015 on Sleigh Bells Accuse Demi Lovato Of Ripping Off Two Songs
I think you guys mistakenly posted the wrong list. Here's the correct one: 1. Aja 2. Countdown to Ecstasy 3. Katy Lied 4. Gaucho 5. Pretzel Logic 6. The Royal Scam 7. Can't Buy a Thrill 8. Two Against Nature 9. Everything Must Go
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January 31, 2015 on Steely Dan Albums From Worst To Best
Now this is a list I can agree with, as apposed to the one posted in the article above!
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December 12, 2013 on Morrissey Albums From Worst To Best
His comment makes no sense, "George Bush and oil money and Obama and no money", what do Jews have to do with that? Also, there are black Jews. I guess Kanye's never heard of Sammy Davis Jr. or Drake.
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December 4, 2013 on Anti-Defamation League Accuses Kanye Of Anti-Semitism
Wow, there is a lot of reverb on that roof!
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September 23, 2013 on Watch Frankie Rose Play “Into Blue” On A NYC Rooftop
Except for the Flat Duo Jets, there aren't a lot of guitar and drum duos that come to mind, so I don't blame Jack for thinking the Black Keys ripped him off. I mean even their name seems like an unoriginal variation of The White Stripes. The Black Keys debut came out about a year after White Blood Cells, which was the White Stripes breakthrough album, so I think influence was definitely there.
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August 3, 2013 on Jack White Thinks Dan Auerbach Is Ripping Him Off And Won’t Let Their Kids Play Together
This show was on Saturday night not Friday night as mentioned in the article.
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October 1, 2012 on Jack White Pisses Off Radio City Audience
Am I the only one puzzled by The Boy with the Arab Strap being beaten out by Dear Catastrophe Waitress and The Life Pursuit? Those are pretty good albums, but they're kind of patchy compared to Arab Strap, which in my opinion does not have any weak moments. Even "A Space Boy Dream" works in the running order as nice little intermission between the first and second halves of the album.
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August 30, 2012 on Belle & Sebastian Albums From Worst To Best
I kept waiting for the sword fight at the end, but it never happened!
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August 24, 2012 on Grimes – “Genesis” Video
Nice to see "Clover Over Dover" on this list. I've always thought that was one of the best songs on Parklife.
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August 8, 2012 on The 10 Best Blur Songs
Technically, David Bowie's first single came out in 1964, so would Low really count "10 years into his career"?
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January 6, 2012 on 10 Classic Albums Released 10 Years Into A Band’s Career
The mainstream embraced a crappy band? Shocker!
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January 4, 2012 on Black Keys Pick A Fight With Nickelback