Collections Of Colonies Of Bees

Volcano Choir Repave Details

Justin Vernon and fellow Wisconsinites Collections Of Colonies Of Bees will reunite their group Volcano Choir for a second LP Repave. The follow-up to their…
Claire Lobenfeld | May 28, 2013 - 11:42 am

Watch “Island, IS” From Volcano Choir’s First Live Show

It was back in August '09 that we first heard "Island, IS" from Volcano Choir, the work of Wisconsin's Collections Of Colonies Of Bees and…
Brandon Stosuy | November 9, 2010 - 4:10 pm

New Volcano Choir Video – “Island, Is”

There's a lot you could say about Justin Bon Ivernon's winning collaboration with his experimental statesmates of Collections Of Colonies Of Bees -- how tender…
Amrit Singh | September 30, 2009 - 11:40 am

New Volcano Choir – “Youlogy”

Volcano Choir, Justin Vernon's collaborative project with state-mates Collections Of Colonies Of Bees, introduced itself with the striking "Island, IS," a track we noted "released…
Amrit Singh | August 25, 2009 - 3:10 pm

New Volcano Choir (Bon Iver + Collections Of Colonies Of Bees) – “Island, IS”

For this new project with what he's called his "favorite band" -- fellow Wisconsites and Outsiders faves Collections Of Colonies Of Bees -- Justin Vernon…
Amrit Singh | August 11, 2009 - 1:38 pm

New Collections Of Colonies Of Bees Videos – “Flocks II” & “Flocks III”

I've posted about Collections Of Colonies Of Bees' Birds songs in the past -- now we have videos for "Flocks II" and "Flocks III." (The…
Brandon Stosuy | August 11, 2008 - 11:13 am

The Outsiders: Vol. 4

Not all of Stereogum's favorite sounds conform to what folks expect us to cover. In this space, resident Bananafish fetishist Brandon Stosuy focuses on bands,
Stereogum | January 14, 2008 - 2:40 pm