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We've Got A File On You

We’ve Got A File On You: Perry Farrell

We’ve Got A File On You is a new reboot of an old-school Stereogum franchise. Once called Annotated Media Guide, these are interviews in which
Ryan Leas | July 2, 2019 - 2:31 pm

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Lollapalooza ’07: Friday In Photos

Plenty of guitar rawk to go around, but Lolla Day One was a dancer's delight: Ghostland Observatory, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk ...
Stereogum | August 4, 2007 - 4:21 pm

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party Cover … Revisited

Remember this? You guys hated it so much (sample: "It's kind of like splashing bleach in your eye"), Perry actually gave…
Stereogum | May 3, 2007 - 10:31 am

New Satellite Party Video – “Wish Upon A Dog Star”

Since seeing that cover, we've been waiting for Perry to say "Just kidding!" about this whole Satellite Party thing. Think it's safe to say, officially,…
Stereogum | May 2, 2007 - 5:40 pm

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party Cover

Shield your eyes. Graphic designers: Worst cover ever? …
Stereogum | March 28, 2007 - 5:49 pm