It’s post-Memorial Day, which means it’s also supposed to be the start of summer. Maybe the season shift doesn’t directly effect the percentage of air guitars, but the nicer weather feels like a good enough reason to believe so, to have faith in good riffs and well-oiled six strings. Rolling Stone fulfills the need — or at least provides the blueprint for a guitar-centric mixtape — with a list of the “100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time.” As they write:

This is what makes a great rock & roll guitar sound: an irresistible riff; a solo or jam that takes you higher every time you hear it; the final power chord that pins you to the wall and makes you hit “play” again and again. Every song here has those thrills. But these are rock’s greatest guitar moments because of what’s inside the notes: hunger, fury, despair and joy, often all at once. You hear the blues, gospel and rockabilly that came before, transormed by the need to say something new and loud, right away. Rock & roll has been the sound of independence for half a century. The guitar is still its essential, liberating voice. These are the 100 reasons why.

Be prepared to be taken higher. Etc.

100 Tool – “Vicarious”
99 My Morning Jacket – “Run Thru”
98 Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Under the Bridge”
97 Queens of the Stone Age – “No One Knows”
96 Hüsker Dü – “New Day Rising”
95 Moby Grape – “Omaha”
94 Dire Sraits – “Money for Nothing”
93 My Bloody Valentine – “Only Shallow”
92 Mick Jagger – “Memo from Turner”
91 The Mars Volta – “Drunkship of Lanterns”
90 The Smiths – “How Soon Is Now?”
89 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – “I Love Rock N Roll”
88 Quicksilver Messenger Service – “Mona”
87 King Crimson – “Red”
86 Jeff Beck – “I Ain’t Superstitious”
85 Phish – “You Enjoy Myself”
84 John Mayer – “Gravity”
83 Sublime – “What I Got”
82 The Ventures – “Walk — Don’t Run”
81 Michael Jackson – “Beat It”
80 Steely Dan – “Kid Charlemagne”
79 Sonic Youth – “Silver Rocket”
78 Buddy Guy – “Stone Crazy”
77 Pearl Jam – “Even Flow”
76 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – “American Girl”
75 Frank Zappa – “Willie the Pimp”
74 ZZ Top – “La Grange”
73 Blue Cheer – “Summertime Blues”
72 Weezer – “Say It Ain’t So”
71 The Strokes – “Take It Or Leave It”
70 Smashing Pumpkins – “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”
69 Pink Floyd – “Money”
68 B.B. King – “The Thrill is Gone”
67 Bruce Springsteen – “Adam Raised A Cain”
66 Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Texas Flood”
65 The Police – “Message in a Bottle”
64 Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Freebird”
63 Guns n’ Roses – “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
62 Albert King – “Born Under a Bad Sign”
61 Sam And Dave – “Soul Man”
60 Funkadelic – “Maggot Brain”
59 Jeff Beck – “Freeway Jam”
58 Link Wray – “Rumble”
57 Grateful Dead – “Dark Star”
56 The Byrds – “Eight Miles High”
55 Cream – “White Room”
54 Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Little Wing”
53 Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Born on the Bayou”
52 Radiohead – “My Iron Lung”
51 Ozzy Osbourne – “Crazy Train”
50 Pixies – “Debaser”
49 Jimi Hendrix – “Machine Gun”
48 The Clash – “London Calling”
47 Van Halen – “Panama”
46 Dick Dale and the Del-Tones – “Miserlou”
45 The Beatles – “I Saw Her Standing There”
44 Sleater-Kinney – “Dig Me Out”
43 The Sex Pistols – “Holidays in the Sun”
42 John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – “Hideaway”
41 Television – “Marquee Moon”
40 The Who – “I Can See for Miles”
39 Santana – “Black Magic Woman”
38 The Faces – “Stay With Me”
37 Elvis Presley – “That’s All Right”
36 Pink Floyd – “Interstellar Overdrive”
35 The Stooges – “1969″
34 Aerosmith – “Walk This Way”
33 Metallica – “Master of Puppets”
32 Dire Straits – “Sultans of Swing”
31 Queen – “Keep Yourself Alive”
30 Bill Haley and His Comets – “(We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock”
29 AC/DC – “Back in Black”
28 U2 – “Where the Streets Have No Name”
27 The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – “Look Over Yonders Wall”
26 B.B. King – “How Blue Can You Get”
25 The Rolling Stones – “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”
24 Rage Against the Machine- “Killing in the Name”
23 The Yardbirds – “Over Under Sideways Down”
22 The Beatles – “A Hard Day’s Night”
21 The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army”
20 The Impressions – “People Get Ready”
19 Prince and the Revolution – “Purple Rain”
18 Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop”
17 Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath”
16 Neil Young with Crazy Horse – “Cowgirl in the Sand”
15 The Who – “My Generation”
14 Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run”
13 Derek and the Dominos – “Layla”
12 The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”
11 Led Zeppelin – “Whole Lotta Love”
10 Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
09 The Allman Brothers Band – “Statesboro Blues”
08 Led Zeppelin – “Stairway to Heaven”
07 The Beatles – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
06 Van Halen – “Eruption”
05 Rolling Stones – “Brown Sugar”
04 The Kinks – “You Really Got Me”
03 Cream – “Crossroads”
02 Jimi Hendrix – “Purple Haze”
01 Chuck Berry – “Johnny B. Goode

It’s worth checking out the write-ups at RS, too. Gives some context to the decisions, and you’ll be able to read hopped-up prose like this:

Before he was known as a songwriter, Springsteen was the fastest guitar player in Asbury Park. And in this bluesy hard-rock blast, he lets those chops loose again, pushing the E Street Band to garage-land with the angriest lead guitar on record.

The angriest lead guitar on record! Erik Rutan just called up to disagree. (Not really.) Also, I would’ve added “Teenage Riot” somewhere. And the lack of Dinosaur Jr. seems weird. Should likely also be some Pavement. So as not to be pigeonholed as a purely indie-rock dissenter: “Smoke On The Water.” Still, fun list.

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  1. I stopped reading this fucking thing when it said that Tool’s Vicarious was one of the greatest guitar songs.

    Fucking Tool….

    • Joe  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2008 +3

      The list was absolutely awful. Clearly not made by a guitarist. Missing a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff shouldn’t be on there.

      Would Rolling Stone stop sucking on the nuts of Kurt Cobain?

      • Amen! shit they seriously kiss kurt cobains dead ass all the time…like seriously hes an average guitarist,lyricist, and vocalist at best…but thats it. he is definitely fuckin overrated!!!

        • wrong, f all the bullshit Nirvana killed live. Was Cobain using sweep technique and lighting up some crazy finger work,not at all but they put on a show bro. I’ve seen Slayer ,Metallica, Megadeth,countless classic rock bands(the who, floyd, page plant,etc……) and Nirvana in the summer of 92,best show I’ve ever seen

      • You are wrong. This list is good. I’m pretty sure you didn’t listened to all songs. Most of you, instead of using lists to refine your taste and discover new music, use it simply to check if your favorite musics are there. And if you don’t find some of your favorite songs, you assume the list is crap. If you find songs that you don’t like, you assume the list is crap.

        My advice to all of you:
        If a song you don’t like is in the list, consider the possibility that the song is good and you do not have the ability to understand and appreciate it.
        If a song you love is not in the list, consider the possibility that there are many better songs in this list that you’ve never heard.

        • So you’re saying that the list is definitive? That’s even more ignorant than saying the list is shit.

        • How is this list good? Stairway to Heaven isn’t #1 and Eruption isn’t #2. Freebird should be in the top 10, not #64! Crazy Train is also in the top 10, not the 50s. Comfortably Numb isn’t on this list at all. Listen o those songs. This list is terrible!!!

  2. Kevin  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    Agreed on the pavement, brandon!
    Which one do you think though,; I know i can’t help humming the guitar parts to summer babe, but even a song like “grounded” could find a place on this list.

    • “Summer Babe” was the first one to come to my mind, but agreed — there are other candidates. I’m currently rifling through my Pavement CDs. (Re: Dinosaur, I was also thinking kinda obviously: “Freak Scene.” Again, though, there are plenty of others…)

      • Kevin  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

        Do you have the Watery, Domestic EP? Best thing Pavement ever did–and that’s saying a LOT. “Frontwards” has some really good guitar parts, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on that disc.
        Silly me for suggesting “grounded”, though; Rolling Stone gave Wowee a negative review. Idiots.

        • Yeah, I’m a big fan of Watery, Domestic. That and Slanted are my favorites — the two from 1992. Actually, all the stuff from the early and mid ’90s is pretty magical, I think.

          • Haukur SM  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2008 0

            You mean ALL the stuff from the early to mid-nineties?

            That’s a lot of stuff, right there. Better get listening.

          • Hi Haukur. As far as Pavement: Basically up to and including Wowee Zowee.

          • Kevin  |   Posted on Jun 2nd, 2008 0

            Agreed, and I have a few songs I really like from their last couple albums, but as a whole they don’t touch the first three and watery. Shady lane is pretty good and I unapologetically love carrot rope. Whoops I didnt just say that! :p

  3. yawn…

  4. skimpy  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    is prince covering radiohead on the list?

  5. belzar  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    when did rolling stone become relevant again?

    oh, wait. they didn’t.

  6. of course, what would a music list be without nirvana somehow mistakenly slipping into the top 10?

  7. charlie  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    “Vicarous”? If any Tool song should be on there, it has to be “Parabola.” Also, I think My Morning Jacket deserved more than one song up there. Where is “One Big Holiday”? It’s one of the greatest guitar songs of this decade (especially live, on the “Okonokos” 2-CD).

    And I’m sorry, but the Pixies “Debaser” is not a GREAT guitar song. Influential to Niirvana? Yes. But it does not belong up there on a list like this. And why is “Gravity” the one John Mayer song in this list? “No Such Thing” is his best guitar song.

    Perhaps the biggest omission from this list is “Yellow Ledbetter” by Pearl Jam. “Evenflow” rocks, but “Y.L.” is one of the all-time greatest PJ songs. How RS could leave this out is anybody’s guess.

    I could go on and on, but I digress. (It’s an okay list.)

    • Jacob  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2008 0

      what are you talking about?

      no such thing is not his best song, just his most well-known (except maybe your body is a wonderland). and it is definitely not his best guitar song. i agree that there should be more john mayer songs on the list, but not that one.

      and if i were to add any songs to the list, they would be welcome home by coheed and cambria (epic), through the fire and the flames by dragonforce (just for sheer skill and speed), black dresses by the spill canvas (great guitar parts), and walk by pantera (driving riff and great solo), to name a few.

      the list has too many older songs, but whatever, if rolling stone doesn’t want to recognize any newer musical trends, good for them,

  8. Greg  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    Dire Straits “So Far Away”
    Eric Clapton “Cocaine”
    Something with Lindsey Buckingham needs to be in there, whether it be solo or with Fleetwood Mac. He is an underappreciated guitar player.
    So many other that deserve to be on this list

  9. Allah  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    So, My Iron Lung is on here but Paranoid Android isn’t?
    Note: A list like this can never be successful, therefore it’s pointless.

  10. anon  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    link wray doesn’t crack the top 5 and gang of four isn’t even on the list? shite

  11. Michael  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 +1

    14 Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run”

    As a Springsteen fan, I think this is a pretty misleading choice when it comes to being a guitar song. “Born to Run,” along with the entire album actually is more piano and sax than anything. “Born in the U.S.A.” would have been more understandable, especially if we’re going to call it “the angriest lead guitar on record.”

  12. onceler  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    once again, this list just seems to be an assemblage of songs that the authors like. many of these tracks are clearly, very obviously, not really known as ‘guitar tracks’ in the first place. ‘Brown Sugar’? as a great guitar track? huh? ‘only shallow’ by MBV? its just cause its the first track on the album and they wanted to throw something on! ugh, I would remove most of this list and replace it with, well, tracks which really feature the guitar. ‘debaser’? when ‘where is my mind’, ‘dig for fire’, and ‘holiday’ exist? what are they thinking? most Kinks songs have a more interesting guitar part than ‘you really got me’, but I can understand the reason for including it. ok i’ll stop now, no one cares anyways, but this list is, once again, just crap.

    • i agree but “You really got me” in my opinion is a great guitar song ever created by the gods of guitar Listen to the opening guitar riff and then after the 2 phrase Dave Davis played a brilliant guitar DAVE DAVIS and his brother work with piano on this 2 chord guitar riff which is one of the most unforgettable sound ever. As a guitar fan i would like to place Dave Davis riff over ERIC CLAPTON “Crossroad” i know you are not the only one who would disagree with me but it doesn’t matter
      every one has it own reason to dislike if it was not this list would have not been got too many negative comments

  13. RYBEAR_USES_CAPS  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    why didn’t ‘Gum post this in “Shit List”? and WHERE ARE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS???

  14. You must be kidding with this list. Zeppelin at number 8? And that’s only one of many borderline retarded rankings. You suck. Forever. I hate this site. I hate you.

  15. dadsgravy  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 +1

    The majority of this list is the reason to hate the guitar. You know, every time rolling stone reminds us that Bruce Springsteen exists, some one loses their soul.

  16. I was just asking myself today, “Self, isn’t about time for another pointless and ill-informed list from Rolling Stone?” I guess the answer is “yes”.

  17. anastasi  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    As much as I’m tired of dinosaur classic rock, where the hell is “Smoke on the Water?”

  18. I’m glad this list came out, cause i haven’t had anything to disagree since… yesterday

  19. What a horrible list. Rolling Stone, forever stuck in the 60′s (except for the predictable Nirvana nod)

  20. tylenolmonkey  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    So the people at Rolling Stone couldn’t find a single BB King song that has better guitar than songs by either Tom Morello or Jack White??!!? *sigh*

    • Jarrett  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

      Yeahhhh… Pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? I’m also surprised by the SRV choices; “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” should definitely be there, but instead they chose a cover of a Jimi Hendrix song. Really? REALLY?

  21. I mean presumably Rob Sheffield had some influence on this list. So why the fuck isn’t Pavement here? Maybe it’s because he’s the only writer at RS with a clue. Fucking “Rattled by the Rush” is my vote – that opening riff and the guitar solo kick fucking ass. But “Summer Babe” and “Frontwards” both deserve consideration. Also where the goddamn fucking hell is Television? I’d vote for Hell’s “Blank Generation” and “Love Like Anthrax” as well.

  22. I guess “Marquee Moon” is on here. Apologies.

  23. Geez. I really didn’t mean to say fuck so much. I’m normally not so inarticulate.

  24. For God’s sake, Van Halen’s “Eruption” is apocalyptic guitar masturbation, but not a song. Replace it with “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” or “Mean Street”

  25. Wait a tick… Pink Floyd’s “Money” made it on the list even though it is mostly driven by Richard Wright’s plinky-sounding keyboards while “Comfortably Numb”, generally considered to be Gilmour’s greatest solo turn, isn’t?

    And where’s Rush? No love for “Limelight”, you wrinkly hacks? Leave it to the old, revisionist farts at Rolling Stone to choose their favorite, logic be damned.

    • What a joke….. as much as I love “Money” it doesn’t really fit this list… But more importantly, the fact that “Comfortably Numb” and “Wish You Were Here” are NOT on this list is just rediculous. David Gilmour is one of the two most expressive guitar players I have ever heard. The other(to my ears) being Robert Cray… who’s “Time Makes Two,” among many others, should be on here as well. BUT I am not surprised because I have never seen lists like this make sense, no matter who voted on the tunes. Lists like this are stupid since it is not really possible nor is it justifiable to try and rank so many great songs. If you are a person who’s job is to sit around all day and make lists like this then clearly you are not the person to even try to make these judgements in the first place! Thanks!

      • Listen to the studio version of both “Comfortably numb” and “Money” you will defiantly know why “Rolling stone” placed “Money” instead of “Comfortably numb”?

        • Completely disagree. Comfortably Numb is one of the greatest songs ever written, let alone Gilmour’s greatest ever solo. You cant have a top 100 Greatest Guitar songs list without one of the world’s greatest ever guitarist’s best work on it. Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb. You could even extend it to Gilmour’s work post Waters, with Coming Back to Life, brilliant intro. But there’s only 100 spots :-)

          • I do rather prefer “Shine on your crazy diamond ” on top of my 10 best Pink Floyd guitar works than overrated “Comfortably numb”. I am the same person posting with a different username as i am too lazy to log in as Sokker 8

  26. Where is Built to Spill on this list???? C’mon Rolling Stone… Doug Martsch is unquestionably one of the greatest guitar masters of the last two decades, and you can’t include even just one song by this remarkable band. That is a travesty.

  27. jol  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    Search and Destroy needs to be on there. Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

  28. jol  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 +1

    Also: No Bowie? Wtf.

  29. Are you having a laugh? Is he having a laugh?

  30. Funny how Sweet Child ‘O Mine is only at number 63.

    Well, at least the song Black Sabbath is getting the recognition it deserves.

  31. stildre33  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 +1

    Once again people, it is just a list. Like, the one I found yesterday on Yahoo music, we all have songs, favorite artists, and Guitarists that many critics overlook. We all have songs from artists on this list that would been better suited for a list like this then the ones picked. This list is a guide and nothing more. It is not set in stone. I know if I created a list of what I thought were greatest guitar songs, I am sure nobody would approve of it and like wise.

  32. Brett  |   Posted on May 30th, 2008 0

    I know it’s just list, but, the makers of the list should, at least, be somewhat competant. How could they possibly leave off “Smoke on the Water,” “All Right Now,” “The Boys are Back in Town,” and “Mississippi Queen”?

  33. K2  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    No Hawkwind? No Magic Band? No Keiji Haino? No Don Cab? No Mick Barr? Most tragic and dumbfounding even by Rolling Stones standards, no Mark Ribot? I feel as though the “music journalists” at Rolling Stones are only allowed to listen to Oldies stations and own the same 150 [mediocre] pop records.

    A great guitar songs list that includes the fucking Beatles more than once? They couldn’t even come with enough songs to not have repeats? Beat It?! Where the Streets Have No Name? Real shredders there! Ridiculous. This shit has to be payola.

  34. Mathieu  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    JESUS H. TAPDANCING CHRIST, Sublime? John Mayer?! I think I just vomited in my mouth a little bit.

    • Listen to the solo work from Gravity on the Where the Light Is live album (link below). It’ll change your mind.

    • You have obviously never listened to John Mayer play the blues. Buddy Guy, BB King, Double Trouble, Eric Clapton, etc. dont just ask you to play guitar, let alone the god damn blues with them. John Mayer could be one of the most talented if not the most talented guitarists of the 2000s. I beg of you just listen to his blues songs (original or cover) and youll change your mind.

  35. having the strokes on there without gang of four and marquee moon at only 41 is a crime, half these bands owe everything to television alone. And Silver Rocket? Run Thru? Arguable forgettable songs that are easily overshadowed by say, Candle or Teen Age Riot and Mahgeetah or One Big Holiday (respectively, of course.) These lists are bullshit, but Rolling Stone does apparently know their audience: pavement who?

  36. songs that were left off:
    Kings of Leon: “Four Kicks”
    The Black Keys: “All hands against his own”
    Karate: “Ice or Ground”
    Les Savy Fav: “The Sweat Descends”

    really most anything by any of the above (excluding L.S.F. because I am not too familiar with the rest of their stuff)

  37. rich  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    ‘Shot By Both Sides’ – Magazine

    ’nuff said.

  38. Tycho  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    voodoo chile is at 12 …

    how is that possible, I refuse to believe that there music fans out there who didn’t shivers down their backs the first time they heard that intro.

  39. I don’t care what you think about him now, eric clapton deserves to be in the top 10. Not in the top 100, that’s just fish with titties crazy.

    • You will probably never read this but I will put this as politely as I can. Not only is Clapton in the top TEN he is there TWICE

      3CREAM Crossroads
      7While my guitar gentley weeps EC plays the solo that makes the song a guitar song
      13 Derek and the Dominos LAYLA!!! surely you know that was Eric Clapton (Almost angry at this point) and duane allmon on slide guitar
      42 Hide away Eric clapton was with john mayall at the time
      55 Cream White room

      I mean dude I would say that Clapton is on this list more than any other guitarist maybe jeff beck I would have to count. How do you not know that cream was clapton baker and bruce? Sublime what i got !!! blietzkrieg bop but leave out hotel california or comfortable numb (I dont care that they are played out that should not matter) arguable two of the greatest solos of all time, no highway star, no over the cliffs of dover; floods; november rain. How can you say that blitz krieg bop is a better guitar song then Phish’s YEM. The List is horrible and so are most of the ill informed comments

  40. scotty  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    the included Elvis song should be Mystery Train. talk about a riff that has been used over and over again. another list that essentially ignores the 50s. you know, the era where everything was guitar driven. Dale Hawkins – Suzy Q; Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser… two very obvious omissions.

  41. I love the Beatles more than anything, but seriously these are not their best guitar songs. Where is “Taxman?” George rips through that and it opens one of the best classic rock albums of all time. Also, “My Iron Lung” over “Paranoid Android” I don’t think so.

    • alex  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 0

      Ok, so you’re probably never going to read this, but Paul actually plays lead on Taxman. The more you know.

  42. Greg  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    It’s just funny to see how they define “guitar songs”.

  43. steve  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    You know, this whole disingenuous Sonic Youth name-dropping really gets on my nerves. It’s obvious that some of these critics never really absorbed Daydream Nation and they’re just throwing it in as an obligatory music critics’ reference. What… “Teenage Riot” was too obvious a choice so instead you chose the SECOND song on the album? The amazing headfuck guitar doesn’t even really kick in on that record until four or five songs in. Also.. Husker Du’s “New Day Rising”? Why that song? Because it was the first song on the record and they couldn’t be bothered to listen past it? What a bullshit list.

  44. steve  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    Wow… I didn’t even realize that they completely neglected Dinosaur Jr. Can these mainstream critics just admit that they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about? I can pull a better list out of my ass. It’s like they used Music Critic Madlibs to put the list together.

  45. zaviar wun  |   Posted on May 31st, 2008 0

    At first I too was confused as to the appearance of My Iron Lung as opposed to Paranoid Andriod. But on second listen, Lung is far more guitar driven then Android which (the first section is just some light acoustic progressions over more overstated electronic noises and the distorted guitar only kicks in about half way through), then the guitars essentially drop off during the Rain Down segment and re-appear only for the last 30 seconds or so, where Jonny reprises his solo. Wheras Iron Lung is uncompromising (and impeccable) guitar all the way through. So for once I actually see the logic in a Rolling Stone song pick.
    Also Taxman should be on there (FYI Paul plays the blistering solo not George), Guitar Gently Weeps should not
    Also Pixies/Debaser = awesome
    FYI Tennage Riot is way better than Silver Rocket; the one song on which Sonic Youth dosen’t devolve into unlistenable feedback and soundscaping really should have gotten some love

  46. john  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2008 0

    The first 15 seconds of Search and Destroy are better than at least half of this list.

  47. rgr_moore  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2008 0

    Wow! Sleater-Kinney at #44! Haha that’s impressive, well done ladies.

  48. No Velvet Underground?

  49. rob  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2008 0

    why in the hell is “smells like teen spirit” placed number ten but pixies didnt even crack the top 50?

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