You know the trailing organ that opens “Norway”? It’s the tail-end of Teen Dream’s slow, smeary second track “Silver Soul.” Take a listen via Aziz. No joke.

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  1. Gondry On The Shore  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2009 0

    The last few minutes of “I Think I Can”…

  2. peanut  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2009 0

    Silver Soul is the best thing I’ve ever heard them release. STUNNING. She’s taking her voice new places. This album deserves to blow them up.

  3. Absolutely stunning. I’ve always loved Beach House, but Teen Dream is looking like it’s gonna blow their back-catalog out of the water.

  4. ben times ten  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2009 0

    hey uh stereogum (and pitchfork too b/c they just posted this track as well): don’t you feel like everyone who’s awaiting this record already knows it leaked a week ago? dolling out mp3′s to create some sort of anticipation is straight outta ’97.

    it’s an amazing record and i can’t wait to own it on vinyl — but let’s just be honest here: most stereogum readers/beach house fans already have it on their iPods.

    • Man you should be conductor for The Straight Talk Express. When blogs do this I always feel like I did when I was 7 (too old to take mid-day naps) and my little brother was 5 (a napper) and he would FREAK THE HELL OUT when he’d have to take a nap and I wouldn’t. So for the sake of my mom’s sanity I would just go into my room and pretend to go take a nap but really I was just reading or something. It was all very Wink Wink.

      But also, since stereogum is sort of in league w/ record companies now, doesn’t he have to cater to the whole ” The New CD Is Dropping Next Week Kids!” thing?

    • “most stereogum readers/beach house fans already have it on their iPods.”
      I disagree. And that’s probably a good thing for Beach House’s sake!
      Clearly we are not beholden to labels, as they no doubt dislike that we review albums right when they leak:
      That is one of the reasons (along with the “long lead time” factor) I don’t have the new Spoon advance, but NPR,, SPIN, and (probably) Pitchfork do.
      But it’s a complicated issue and you and @underweareyes raise good points.
      We’re not denying Beach House leaked. It’s just that I will link to a celebrity comedian’s Tumblr if he is streaming a pre-release song that our non-pirate reader population should know about, but I’ll never link to a megaupload. I’m sure every blog has its own set of arbitrary rules. Anyway, straight talk! I hope this was insightful in some way.

  5. ben times ten  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2009 0

    Hey Scott — yes, most definitely insightful!

    I definitely get that Stereogum is (as are other likeminded sites) in a tough spot — with a readership that either A) totally knows EXACTLY where to find the full album in a matter of seconds or B) is just in the dark and really does wait for a “release date” — you have to strike a balance…and yeah, that balance SHOULD fall in the direction of the label & the artist, because really, without either, the site nor the reader would be here.

    I guess it’s just the labels that really need to catch up. Obviously they know it’s leaked. But they have their own quartered-out calendars like any business does and (for whatever reason) they try to adhere to them. 9 times out of 10 if a full record shows up on a SINGLE blog (as Beach House’s has) it means the record is done — mastered/packaged/ready to ship — so WHY would any label in their right mind NOT release it digitally immediately?!

    The second Beach House leaked last week, it should’ve been on iTunes within minutes. I’ve worked with a digital distributor and that’s the simplest thing to do.

    The 3-month promotional lead time for a record (which was designed to give PRINT magazines time to publish/press a review to time with a record’s release) is 1,000% obsolete. But that model puts YOU Stereogum in a tricky position. You have the ability to post a review within a day of hearing the record but you can’t! You’re the more wider-read form of press and you’ve gotta abide by a stale system…it’s no good! When posting an mp3 from an album that is already totally leaked it gives the impression you have your head in a cave (which you most definitely do not). But you’re a major channel for the labels and their artists and that isn’t easy to become.

    Labels should do away with that now-insane multi-month hype time for a record and just release them ‘soon as their done! As in:

    “Hey we’re Sub Pop — remember when we told you Beach House signed with us? Well their record is done and you can have it RIGHT NOW on iTunes!” Who here — and more importantly, who out of those who clicked the .zip file links to steal the record last week — WOULDN’T go straight to iTunes and spend 7, 8, 9 bucks for it??

    Know what I’m sayin?

  6. chuck  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2009 0

    While you’re right that release dates are generally set 3 months out to accommodate monthly magazines that’s not really the whole story. In order to have vinyl and CD’s in stores you’d still need around 2 months lead time between finished music and your release date. Furthermore, the labels aren’t sticking to their original release dates after an album leaks out of some rote habit. The biggest reason most of them stick to their original plan is because they’re trying not to screw over all the indie record stores that are already having a tough enough time competing with Itunes and their digital brethren. At some point Itunes will probably kill most of the record stores anyway and it will seem quaint to be overly concerned about keeping a relatively level playing field.

  7. I think the idea of releasing a record right when it’s finished makes perfect sense. Earlier this year Swan Lake’s ‘Enemy Mine’ was available to download instantly when you pre-ordered from Jagjaguwar. I thought that was the smartest thing ever, that way everyone is happy. Granted indie record stores suffer from online sales, but I mean would you rather try to keep record stores open or keep indie record labels in business?

  8. chuck  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2009 0

    I don’t think those things need to be mutually exclusive. In fact one could argue it’s the indie record stores that kept indie labels in business for most of the last 30 years. I think some people are forgetting that it’s not a foregone conclusion that every album is going to leak. Lord knows there are several albums scheduled to come out in January and February I haven’t found yet!

  9. beforewestood  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2009 0

    thanks to stereo gum, i know which band release new albums for me to dl and find the leak… i dont mind any extra coverage of a great band i love to hear about

  10. David Berger  |   Posted on Dec 10th, 2009 0

    I’m buying this album anyway. Easily the best album I’ve heard this year

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