First, download “The Motion Makes Me Last,” the spacious, coruscating lead track from Matthew Cooper aka Eluvium’s forthcoming fifth full-length Similes. It’s great. As mentioned then, the ambient Portland multi-instrumentalist has been expanding and refining his palette over four albums, his pieces pivoting on fixed loops, pianos, guitars, sometimes in combination but often alone. 2007′s Copia introduced strings and brass; with Similes, Cooper’s finally brought vocals and percussion to his airy aural patchworks. Where previous Similes track “The Motion…” centered on an elegant piano figure and buzzing sympathetic strings, here its percussion, echoed and trickling like water drips, that provide the undertow, a dank bed for Eluvium’s buried baritone and softly suspended instrumentals. Lovely stuff for getting lost into:

Similies is out 2/23 via Temporary Residence.

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  1. When you get out of a shitty day at work and go online, you hope to come across a song that would accually sum up the entire day and become pretty care free of what was shitty from the rest of day because you come across a song like this. Wonderful fucking song and am excited for this to finnally come out

    High recommend for anyone with ears

  2. I really like this, the vocals are a nice touch. This sounds like an ambient Interpol song.

  3. It seems that Matthew is looking for changes. This song doesn’t sound like an Eluvium song, but it’s okay.

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