We got the heads up on new music from Zack a few weeks ago, when he and ex-Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore announced their One Day As A Lion project and self-titled EP along with the band bio “one day as a lion is both a warning delivered and a promise kept.” That’s incomplete, though. Our modified version reads “one day as a lion is a warning delivered and a promise kept and by promise we mean promise to appeal to fans of rage against the machine.” It’s not like we were expecting Zack to unveil an eight octave vocal range or offer a love song, but ODAAL’s premiere single “Wild International” falls squarely within the realm de la expectation: still that ratatating delivery, still those allusions to class struggles, politics, and religion, etc. That said it’s great if you dig Zack’s flow, Theodore brings a fat backbeat, and it takes a certain something to successfully work “Muhammad and Christ” into a song hook. Hear it at MySpace.

The five-track One Day As A Lion EP is out 7/22 via Anti-.

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  1. I think Zack’s flow is pretty tight on those verses. I liked it.

  2. vince  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0


  3. Greg  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    It’s nice, but seriously, it took him this long to release a new song apart from Rage?

    And it sounds…just like Rage.

    Better late than never I guess.

    • Vince  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

      He released that song with DJ Shadow a while ago, Death March, or something like that. It was really good. I’m more surprised that he got arguably the best drummer ever and the drums are pretty basic.

    • Matt B  |   Posted on Aug 9th, 2008 0

      Sony shelved Zach for several years under a contract…he couldn’t realese his arsonal until now I think…?

  4. Chris S.  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    Damn man. I love it. I was a huge Rage fan back in the day… and it’s nice to hear something newand fresh from Zack.

    I’ll be making a puchase on the 22nd! ;-)

  5. edgar allen bro  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2008 0

    it’s better to live one day as zack de la rocha than a thousand years as audioslave.

  6. rob  |   Posted on Aug 7th, 2008 0

    this is fuckiing awesome

  7. is and fucking kool

  8. ODAaL  |   Posted on Dec 20th, 2008 0

    Hey. This news just in:

    Rage Against the Machine will be starting a tour with Nine Inch nails in mid-2009. After that (approximately in late 2009), Trent has stated he will put NIN on a minor hiatus and play keyboards in one Day As a Lion, while Jon lays down drum fills, and Zak does his rapping.

    Keep it Up!

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