WHY? - "Sod In The Seed" Video

Join Yoni Wolf in his rap-sung crisis of self-realization (i.e. check out this WHY? track) as he struts and waves with friends in vibrant clothing against a white backdrop. This is the video for “Sod In The Seed,” a stellar cut and the title track from WHY’s new LP out next week. It’s directed by Scott M. Fredette, who clearly fears sleeves. Watch:

Take it:

Sod In The Seed is out 8/13 via Anticon

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  1. Since I can’t comment on P4K, I’m going to post this here: their review of the Sod in the Seed EP was laughable.

    A good rule of thumb for browsing P4K reviews: Ian Cohen is always wrong.

    • it was posted with incorrect lyrics to start off the review. looks like he a pulled a ninja edit. it’d be nice if he actually listened to it…

    • Ian Cohen embodies everything wrong with Pitchfork.

      Looking forward to hearing this album. I’m kind of glad he’s going back to that rap-ish thing he does, although I did enjoy Eskimo Snow.

  2. The first ten seconds of this song are exactly what I’ve been waiting for since Eskimo Snow. I can kinda leave the other four and a half minutes.

  3. I love Why? but his ‘rap’ here sounds a leeetle too much like Cake!

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