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Cribs: Wayne Coyne

The Flaming Lips maestro’s proud of his state, his state is proud of him. It’s with that same sense of love for place that Wayne’s investing in a domestic restoration project which his architectural firm Fitzsimmons has dubbed “the central piece of a larger master plan developed for 6 adjoining properties in a blighted neighborhood of Oklahoma City” and an “expression of commitment by the musician to stay and live in this long troubled neighborhood where he grew up.” The Coynes (Wayne and his wife, artist J. Michelle Martin-Coyne) gave a preview of the project to the NYT some time ago, now design milk points us to a more in-depth photo essay to fill out the forms. There’s a “celestial patterned family room and outside terrace floor of … recycled granite waste materials,” lots of references to dragons (“mirror ball clad ’dragon egg’ sunken bathing pod addition”; “a massive steel beam is suspended over the “Fractured roof” to become the amateur of the 50 foot long dragon sculpture to be perched protectively over the compound”), and most awesomely, “customized seats in the bathing pods tub portion, sculpted around the Husband and wife while they sat.” Which makes sense, since taint-fitted tubs are all the rage these days. Wayne modeling nude? Get out. Maybe that’s what was going down when Google Street View caught him during an outside bath? Anyway, it’s a very different dark side of the moon Wayne will bring to Bonnaroo this year. While you wait, imagine what it’s like to live inside his custom-made imaginarium with these photos by Joseph Mills for Fitzsimmons.


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  1. What swankiness!

  2. Malachi Star  |   Posted on Feb 15th, 2010 0

    I LOVE old magazines and Bitches Brew too…

  3. Jim Macpherson  |   Posted on Feb 15th, 2010 0

    I LOVE IT! So original, The granite mosiac floor was great, what kind of thinset was used to bed the granite on the floor, and the walls in the bathroom, with the smooth tile bullnose corners, great stuff.

  4. wayne coyne. yeah. this seems about right.
    maybe even not quite wacky enough. i did see a drawing of a dragon in there though, so it seems like he’s got some big plans to piss off the neighbors or something.

  5. I want to live in Wayne Coyne’s house (and head).

  6. This house is as awesome as Coyne himself.

  7. I was hoping he’d have blood shoot out of the walls and furniture that slides around the floor like in that old Jamiroquai music video.

  8. Forget the bath inside, stick with the “Blob in the Bath” outside, Wayne.

  9. DavidDR  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2010 0

    It’s like Xanadu!

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