When we got our early listen to Skeletal Lamping, schizo opener “Nonpareil of Favor” stood out as the mind-melting go-to track. Lead single “Id Engager” isn’t the strangest, most ambitious, or best tune on of Montreal’s new one, but it involves ninjas, a phallocentric tyranny, “penetration punishment,” and a made-for-the-dance-floor groove. In other words, perfect first single material. The funky free-love come-on’s the final of 15 tracks, the closing turnout to the raucous post-Hissing Fauna party that came before. It’s kinda what you’d expect the rainbow-colored rave-Edenic characters on the cover to be listening to at the end of the night when it’s time to get down to another sort of business.

It’s like Kevin Barnes fronting the Scissor Sisters. This isn’t a bad thing. The ending’s kinda ominous, though, and sounds like it could link into something else a tad darker…

The “Id Engager” single’s out 09/09 on Polyvinyl. You can pre-order it in one color here or nab it as all three colors (blue, gold, purple) here.

Skeletal Lamping is out 10/07 via Polyvinyl. As mentioned a couple weeks ago, of Montreal take in on the road this fall. The updated dates:

10/07 – Durham, NC @ Carolina Theatre
10/08 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel %
10/09 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club %
10/10 – New York, NY @ Roseland %
10/15 – Paris, FR @ Elysee Montmarte
10/16 – London, UK @ Koko
10/17 – Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz
10/18 – Rome, IT @ Circolo degli Artisi
10/19 – Berlin, DE @ Lido
10/20 – Stockholm, SE @ Debaser Medis
10/21 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Amager Bio
10/24 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant &
10/25 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue &
10/26 – Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Theatre &
10/27 – Chicago, IL @ The Riviera &
10/28 – Toronto, ON @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre $
10/29 – Montreal, OC @ Metropolis $
10/30 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum $
10/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory $
11/01 – Richmond, VA @ The National $
11/08 – Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle #
11/11 – New Orleans, LA @ Howlin Wolf #
11/12 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live #
11/13 – Austin, TX @ 507 East 6th Street #
11/14 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues #
11/15 – Lawrence, KS @ Liberty Hall #
11/16 – Denver, CO @ The Ogden Theatre #
11/17 – Murray, UT @ Murray Super Theatre #
11/19 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox So Do ^
11/20 – Portland, OR @ Roseland ^
11/21 – San Francisco, CA @ Regency Center Grand Ballroom ^
11/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ TBA ^

% w/ Love Is All
& w/ Sinkane
$ w/ Gang Gang Dance
# w/ Icy Demons

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  1. Beans  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2008 0

    Sounds like generic disco to me. Not what I was expecting.

  2. Evan  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2008 0

    This song is great. I can’t wait for this record.

  3. To clarify, when I asked for more Elephant 6 posts awhile back, I meant more of the back woods, singing saws and banjos variety, not of Montreal. Never really could get into this stuff. Too sleepy for me. But your description is spot on!

  4. Love it, can’t wait for the album.

  5. Hooooowah! Sounds like a bassline from any of the past three ofMon albums demixed by Bootsy Collins and Deee-Lite during the “De La Soul is Dead” recording sessions. Hissing Trauma are you the Blooming Onion??

  6. the controlosphere has disappeared.
    and it hurts.

  7. yeah you’re description was right on. it’s not the best thing they’ve ever done, but it’s a solid, fun track and i can totally see this being a great dance song. im really excited for this record.

  8. chase  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2008 0

    Well, I don’t know about this being a “great dance song”– there’s just no drive to it. From this very limited sample it sounds like Kevin’s more concerned about sounding sexy-bizarre than writing good songs: which is fine, if you don’t have pretensions about being in a league above Hot Action Cop.

  9. reid  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2008 0


  10. Jack  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2008 0


  11. that opening scream makes my brain hurt (in a bad way). the rest sounds pretty good.

  12. Oh how I adore thee Kevin Barnes

  13. anon  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2008 0

    Great stuff.

  14. I like this song. I just hope their new album can top their last. Now that was an incredibly cohesive album (even if it wasn’t the greates of Mon) Gazelle.com–Sell your old iPod.

  15. ruindpzzle  |   Posted on Aug 4th, 2008 0

    I am uber excited for this album. What happened to their nipples?

  16. ohhhh man. this is getting me so excited. although i think i like wicked wisdom a little better, id engager definitely hits the spot.

  17. ml  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2008 0

    scissor sisters. so true. i guess if of montreal wants to be a disco band it’s at least refreshing they went the saturday night fever route rather than the dfa route. but he doesn’t even pronounce “tyranny” right.

  18. manuzani  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2008 0

    it couldn’t be any better. funky mohterfuckers. i can’t wait for the album

  19. anyone know what happened to those songs “Softcore,” “Our Last Summer as Independents,” and those other songs they were playing live a while ago? Unless they changed the titles it looks like they won’t be on SL…

  20. Brandon  |   Posted on Aug 10th, 2008 0

    sweet, long time coming…..thank god it’s almost here….I just can’t wait to see them live again…..Rock the Fuck OUt!!

  21. brightstraight  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2008 0

    well, it could “link into something else a tad darker”, but I thought it was the last track. >> They’re now also coming to Florida in December with the Fiery Furnaces!!

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