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  • CMJ On The Streets: Icona Pop, Presets, Sinkane, And More
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HUNTERS' Isabel Almeida and Derek Watson

Where we found them: In their van, Williamsburg

On their insane, energetic stage shows: Isabel: We have bruises all over us after shows end. I had a concussion once! I didn't fall, I was going for the floor on purpose but then I lost my notion of space or something and hit the ground so hard. I kept playing and it seemed fine at the time. I lost a piece of my tooth that night and the next day I had a really bad headache and figured I should go to the doctor. He told me I had a concussion and couldn't work for two weeks and I was like, "Fuck yeah!"

On being in the studio: Isabel: It's really hard sometimes. I feel like the best part about playing our music is doing it live and going nuts. When you're in the studio and you have to pay attention to what you're doing and be in control and can't move around because of the mics. It can get pretty annoying at times. A lot of the time when we do vocals we just play the music out loud in the room instead of in headphones and pretend like we're doing it live. We sing and record in the same room. Derek: We've been really, really lucky in that it's come easy for us to work with each other. It feels comfortable and we don't even usually have to talk about what we're doing.

On living in their van: Derek: We have tons of beer on us at all times. We have a cooler so we always have beers and Progresso lentil soup and ramen. Isabel: I eat cold Progresso out of the can with a spoon. They always make fun of me but I seriously think it's so good. Derek: We laid linoleum down and hung up lights so we can hang out in there. We sleep on a piece of foam and share our sleeping bag and hang out.

On hair-care: Derek: I don't do anything at all, that's probably why it looks like this. I don't even wash my hair. It looks like this when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I think if I put effort into it, it would look awful. Isabel: The pink can be annoying because it requires work. It's not a lot of work, though. I end up dying my hair like once a week because it fades really fast. Derek will hate me for telling you but he dyes it for me. Derek: [Laughs] I don't care! Me and my friends all gave each other haircuts when we were kids because we wanted these cool half-shaved skater or punk cuts that the barbers would never understand. So I'm used to it.

Last week’s CMJ Music Marathon brought five non-stop days of label showcases, journalism panels, and industry-fueled mixers to Brooklyn and Manhattan. Hidden among an overwhelming flurry of name-tag badges and networking events is the music, thankfully, and the festival’s NYC-centricity has encouraged local DIY showcases and late-night after-parties to run parallel to it. From icons like New Order to bands too young to have ever heard of MySpace, deciding what to see can be a grueling task. With the help of much organizing, coconut water, open bars, and taco-truck dinners, we hit as many parties and performances as possible. And everywhere we turned — restaurants, bars, clubs, and sidewalks — we ran into Marathon performers. So we hung out, took some pictures, and chatted them up about everything from their survival kits to their favorite places to eat to their playlists of the moment. And, of course, about the insanity of CMJ.

Our CMJ On The Streets interviews and photo gallery starts here.

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