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It’s the weekend, so while y’all probably have some Gilette shit to do right about now, let’s quickly knowingly head-nod at each other but how jam-friendly this week was. Autre Ne Veut, for instance. Or permajam candidates Yo La Tengo. This week we also welcomed Johnny Marr the solo artist, along with Johnny Depp the clove-smoking Tom Petty-guitarist. We went in on the Ween discography. We thought about Sufjan and how he loves/hates Christmas. We saw Dirty Projectors continue to be wonderful, this time on national TV. Not so bad. Now let’s see how you fared in the comments:


#10  Michael Nelson | Nov 14th Score:12

Fair point. I agree to your terms!

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#9  adddo | Nov 14th Score:12


The funny thing is — the only rapper who would be able to beef with Big Boi and not get totally burned on a career-ending level is Andre. As fun as a battle between these two would be, I’d still rather just have another Outkast album.

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Ethan Darling | Nov 10th Score:12

I think that IS donnytilla

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#7  donnytilla | Nov 10th Score:12

multiple upvotes for the “downvote donny”? what are yous trying to say? you don’t like the don-meister? this is a democracy, and i’ll be your mitt if you want me (that’s copy written officially as of now, pun intended too for that line [obvs])

honestly i’m about at the point of saying “fuck the world” to all of this nonsense. why waste pure, unadulterated talent on fools? i’ve got offers jumping at the bit – and by offers i mean offers and by jumping at the bit i mean jumping at the D, and by the D i mean the Donny D.
anyway, i’ll break it down, for the dummies.

1. i’m talking about pale flesh from the crystie castie albie. such a jam. when the average “joe idiot” reads those first two words, there should already be an up vote. come on, this doesn’t require a tutorial.

2. NES duck tales video game soundtrack reference. at this point, it’s like Einstein presenting his genius to a pack of inbred dogs (golden retrievers, probably).

3. the beat would make a killer track for someone to spit some ignorant shit on. really dont’ think this requires explanation, OBVS.

4. i identified that it shouldn’t be yung shawn (OBVIOUSLY). Wasn’t aware I was dealing with the wittle seanjohn appreciation club (I’m NOT a member – obvs).

5. just disappointed. it makes me wonder where my comments would be if it weren’t for the D-titty haters. would all my comments be at 50+? most likely. Would i have the respect and praise of all of my digital colleagues? obvs. Would my D grow taller than long duck dong? dbl obvs. Does any of this matter? Find the passion in YOUR life, guy.

anyway. you guys have changed; not for the better

outtie, SO HARD.


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#6  donnytilla | Nov 10th Score:14

not gonna lie – had a couple drinkies. i’m only human. i’m only dancer.

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#5  spennyb | Nov 9th Score:14

Man I never thought I’d see the day when donny’s in the downvotes just for being himself. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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#4  raptor jesus | Nov 9th Score:20

The day after Iceland Airwaves concluded with Sigur Rós headlining, I met up with a fellow Stereogum commenter and Icelandic native.

Sölvi met me at The Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik for a couple beers and a couple hours of music discourse. Right when we were about to leave a random girl stops at our table and says, “Björk is DJing at Boston bar next door.”

We exchange puzzled glances and were outside in seconds looking for this bar. It was located a block away and when I opened the door I was greeted with the final minute of TLC’s “Waterfalls” – already coincidental considering I spent the day viewing waterfalls.

At the top of the stairs it became apparent that Björk was NOT DJing. There was a crowd of roughly 30 people, some sitting and most standing by the PA system where some girl was playing songs off her iPod playing 90s jams.

“There she is.” And there she was. Björk was standing next to the window laughing and dancing with her friends. Mezmerized we got beers and took a seat and did our best not to just stare, but mainly discussed how coincidentally stereotypical the whole moment felt. I mean, I’d wager most Americans associate Iceland with Björk even though she’s usually living in New York.

I watched as she danced a silver bowl containing ice and two bottles of champagne back to her friends as they started to get down to Beyonce’s “Countdown” and then whatever track is immediately after that song on 4. It was all quite surreal.

Until I heard it: “amilliamilliamilliamilli…” — no way. So there I was, reciting Lil Wayne lyrics while a small group of people, Björk included, danced in a bar called Boston in Iceland. “Get Money” came next and a little later that Thuggish Ruggish song… but regardless:

tl;dr Saw Björk dance to Lil Wayne in Iceland.

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Dylan Ricards | Nov 9th Score:20

remember when we all thought andre was gonna be the weird prolific one?

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#2  raptor jesus | Nov 14th Score:24

Every time you refer to 3k as “Dre” I’m thinking Doctor.

Anyway, can we stick with “Andre” or “3000″ or “Three Stacks” (good mention above) in the future?

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Nico Behnzukeh | Nov 14th Score:35

People always hold Andre as being the creative, the poet, etc., but when it comes down to it I prefer Big Boi because he’s here offering us great music, while most are waiting for an Andre track at best. Outkast’s relationship with its fans is very reminiscent of a child’s relationship with his step dad and biological father. We complain how much we want our real father in our life, while our step dad has been there all along taking care of us since our pops (Andre) abandoned us.

Forever Big Boi.

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Alex T Leach | Nov 11th Score:-5

interesting that John Wayne Gacy, Jr. is all kinds of awkward and uncomfortable but reveled as a work of genius.

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#4  mr_axed | Nov 11th Score:-6

this shit was written way before the bush administration kiddo , but thanks for trying

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Michael Hanna | Nov 10th Score:-6

I disagree of course, but I must commend you on actually having the courage and typing skills to say what’s on your mind rather than only clicking the little downvote symbol.

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Michael Hanna | Nov 10th Score:-8

Uh oh, someone doesn’t have a sense of humor.

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#1  lil wayne disciple | Nov 13th Score:-10

Fucccck dat. Please take your saccharine bullshit elsewhere.

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marlon-brandos-island | Nov 14th Score:5

The Mollusk changed my life, man.

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  seanjean | 10:08am Score:0

Well that was pretty much perfect.

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Comments (32)
  1. Obligatory: “whoop whoop”

    Also Obligatory: “Tom, you got some edit fixes in the Top 5 videos thread”

    Finally: “I’m Dancing in the Show Tonight” was my introduction to Ween and also changed my life. Love that album.

    • I just got done reading all the album write ups from the Ween post, really great, I’m gonna cop that Chocolate and Cheese book.

    • Raptor Jesus, you seeing How to Dress Well live when he comes through on the 28th?

      • My first response upon reading your comment: “WHAAAAT!”

        Upon further research, I could definitely be able to spin a couple days off middle of the week. Still haven’t found Total Loss on vinyl (admittedly haven’t been looking too hard) so picking up a copy at the show would be ideal.

        Plus I love the Loft! Seen a beautiful handful of shows there and would love to add him to the list. Was actually just listening to “Just Once” and those orchestral versions are splendid.

        Going to definitely try to make it. Just had to reach out yesterday to get a ticket to the sold out Jeff Mangum show in OKC. Too bad it won’t be at sunset…


  2. Fucccccccck me, oversimplfication, appearing like I’m dissing Corban while trying to diss Sufjan, and da word “dat.”

    Honored to be on the same plane as Hanna tho.


    I was really on my K Welzein this week.

    this just in: I’m a fuckin FOOL, bros.

  4. Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012 +4

    I’m kind of shredded right now. I was supposed to go see Trash Talk this weekend, but it got cancelled because the venue apparently isn’t finished being constructed (I know, why bother when they’re just going to destroy it anyway, right?) That ruined my vibe for the weekend.

    But then I listened to the new Rihanna album, and I absolutely had zero expectations that she was going to be able to do anything outstanding this time around, because her past few albums have been a bit choppy safe for a few great singles. Guess what? It’s freaking amazing (minus the Breezy, Eminem and some random reggae tracks.) It”s actually a really solid album as a whole, and not just a ton of singles thrown together for radio playing purposes.

    • I agree! I’m going to do what I usually do for pop albums (like the Usher one and Beyonce’s 4) and take out the horrible tracks and re-sequence the album. Making it a more cohesive listening experience instead of just a singles dump.

      • Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 18th, 2012 +2

        Speaking of albums, I’m putting together my year end lists, and I think the big question is whether or not it’s worth waiting around to see if My Bloody Valentine puts out the alleged new album by year’s end before I officialize it. I’ve decided to ignore that, because Kevin Shields teases us every year and it’s also pretty unfair to the bands who’ve entertained me on the regular throughout 2012 to have the prodigal son of shoegaze make what will likely be a triumphant return on one of the very last days of the year (if at all.)

  5. d tits back where he belongs.

    hanna and lwd in the worst though? too many n00bs clicking those thumbs.

  6. D tits dominating the stereogum conscious once again. As he should. Forever and always tits or die

  7. Well done all around this week guys. I’ve been a bit absent lately but I just want you all to know how much I love you. Each and every one of you is loved. By me (even my phantom downvoter).

    I’ve been busy working on my first feature length piece! It’s going to be featured on One Week One Band the week of December 3rd and it’s all about the Smashing Pumpkins. I’m pretty much done and I’m excited about it. I’ll post a link for y’all when it goes up.

  8. I got downvoted just for trying to add to the conversation. FIGURES.

  9. Guys, I just wrote an open letter to Train asking nicely if they’d break up and I could use a cosigner…

    • I can’t believe more than one person downvoted this. This site should be the place where you are guaranteed a ton of upvotes for Train-hating, but no, someone always has to chip away at my faith in the supposed indie-listening community. Overall, I really liked your letter, but you were a little too nice; Drops of Jupiter and Meet Virginia were complete abominations too. These guys have always been as bad as Nickelback, but they never got made fun of as much because they were metrosexuals, which is still superficially cooler than being rednecks. Oh wait, I almost forgot that the Nickelback singer is trying really hard to look more like a member of Train ever since he and Avril Lavigne became an item. I guess he figured he couldn’t pull off a faux-punk look like her, so he thought faux-metrosexual would be a safe middle ground.

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