Phoenix Announce Bankrupt, Live Return

Earlier today, Phoenix posted the above bright pink photo on their Facebook page and it has since been confirmed that Bankrupt! is the title of their forthcoming new album. This announcement comes on the heels of the news that the band will perform live for the first time in two years at Rock am Ring & Rock im Park in Germany, 7/7-9. Stayed tuned for a release date and more details as they come.

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  1. They should have named it “Bankruptcy”. Then articles such as this one could be titled “Phoenix declare Bankruptcy”.

  2. When I first saw the picture I thought, “Man, Stereogum wasn’t kidding with all those article about indie bands not making money.”

    But then I remembered this is Phoenix. They gotta be loaded. THEY PLAYED WITH DAFT PUNK LIVE. Good joke, Frenchmen.

  3. Should have been:

    “Phoenix – We have money, but not as much as musicians are entitled to!”

  4. They’re lead singer married a Coppola. No way they’re poor.

    Also: YAYYYY!!!

  5. So because Stereogum has an article about an article about Grizzly Bear complaining about money now any time a band references money issues, poverty, bankruptcy, etc. they’re probably complaining about that amount of money they have? Anyway I guess if they’re saying their first performance will be in July than we can count them out for the earlier summer festivals. Too bad they were a pretty fun show at Bonnaroo ’10. It was pretty funny though when their last song was 1901 which they played in it’s entirety then encored by playing 1901 again.

  6. I saw them in Toronto in October 2010 and they played this really dark song where the singer sang through a vocoder. In any case, it was really unlike their other work (sounded kind of like M83) and I never found out if this was a cover or a new song or whatnot, do any hardcore Phoenix phans know what this could have been?

  7. Phoenix are Too Big to Fail!

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