Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have already teased bits from their new album Mosquito and we’ve gotten a deeper sneak peek of two new tracks from a show they played in California last month. Today, Zane Lowe premiered “Sacrilege,” the first single from the album. Check it out below.

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Mosquito is out 4/16 via Interscope. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Sacrilege”
02 “Subway”
03 “Mosquito”
04 “Under the Earth”
05 “Slave”
06 “These Paths”
07 “Area 52″
08 “Buried Alive” (Feat. Dr. Octagon)
09 “Always”
10 “Despair”
11 “Wedding Song”

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  1. What on earth am I looking at?

  2. we have ourselves a ‘grower’ people!

    • Honestly… I think this is less of a grower than “Zero” ever was. They were/are both new directions for the band as early singles, but I can get behind “Sacrilege” a lot easier than “Zero”, which took MANY spins before I realized it as a great song.

      But maybe “It’s Blitz” prepared us for another change up in their musical style. Karen O DID date Angus from Liars (one of the best bands at changing it up every album).

      So as far as sequencing, I’m guessing this will be the first track? They’ve always been big on releasing their first song on their albums as their first singles.

      As for actual “Sacrilege” I think it refers to the album artwork.

      • This is a grower actually. As in I thought it was awesome and 2 days and 15 listens later I am obsessed. I get excited when I hear a song I can pump with the windows down and at a stop light I can look over to the next car and be like “Fuck Yeah”

      • I don’t think ‘Zero’ could have been a grower. It’s straight-forward pop song and you can’t not know if you like it or don’t on the first listen.

  3. This was beary nice to listen to :) Welcome back. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Bear hugs to Karen, Nick and Brian :)

  4. Certainly enough to get me excited. Ending borders on ridiculous (but in the right way).

    • Totally. I love how the song transitions from the whisper-to-yelp lo-fi histrionics of early YYYs material to the gospel-appropriating histrionics associated with high-production-value acts from the Rolling Stones to Madonna.

      It’s like a 4-minute recap of the YYYs visibility arc.

  5. I like the direction they seem to be heading in, but I’m not sure if this is quite first single material.

  6. Her vocals are still as smoooooooooooooth as honey. Go Karen! Welcome back YYYs!

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  7. Bryan Smith  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2013 0

    Reminds me of the last 2 minutes of Paul McCartney’s “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five”.

  8. This is the best first single I could have hoped for, because it’s so weird and amazing. I’m pumped.

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  10. so worth the wait! they’ve grown so much and i love the sound!

  11. wow what a killer direction. total 180 from the synth ‘loon jazzing of blitz. I wish the keys at the end were a bit more prominent throughout but I’ll take me some gimme shelter any day o’ the week.

    also horrific art direction for all promotional material, album covers, etc. truly awful awful.

  12. wow. a fucking gospel choir=mindblown…………………. uh, into it. i’m on board.

  13. Great sauce.

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  15. That awkward moment when everyone’s best descriptive term for a pretty accessible song is “weird.”

    • That awkward moment when “weird” can only be used in reference to something that is “inaccessible”. I thought weird just meant “different” “out of the ordinary” or “not conforming to ones expectations”. I never understood why weirdness had to be something that was hard to listen to.

  16. Mmmm…sacrilicous

  17. The versatility in Karen O’s vocal performances is awesome. At the beginning I was hearing sounds that reminded me of the Cardigan’s Gran Turismo. Which featured similar percussion against similarly mellow vocals. But the ending blew my mind. Whatever tone she goes for, it feels effortless but worthy of the term “rock”. I am all about this song.

  18. The gospel stuff is great. What a curveball. Is it just me or does Karen O have one of the sexiest voices in music?

  19. It’s a good song. I like that it reminds me of The Rolling Stones. Interesting choice for a first single for sure. A pickled red herring? Who knows. But its a good song. Possibly not a great one. But a strong taste of what I hope is even better.

  20. After more listens its fast becoming an ear worm song :) Maybe it’s revealing itself to be pretty great!

  21. I actually love the artwork.

  22. yesterday: Hmmm, this is interesting but it might take a few more listens to decide..
    today: Yeah, this is fucking awesome.

  23. Clearly this artwork is the YYY’s reaction to Maker’s Mark watering down their whiskey

  24. Tough to find a nice, solid alternative power pop rock album these days and these guys never skimp on the goods. It’s not a new direction or even a different one….its the same ballsy, slightly punky & infectiously accessible indie rock they’ve been doing for years. Only difference now is that they’ve figured out how to capitalize on the sound and make it bigger. Great shit.

  25. The gospel choir seems completely unnecessary to the song but exciting nonetheless. If you are attempting to jump the shark, you might as well do it with gusto.

    • It’s a song called “Sacrilege” about having sex with Satan. Using a gospel choir to do it is some badass shit.

      • I got this vibe just from looking the album cover and now this music video clip of a cartoon jar on fire; i don’t think they’re taking themselves too seriously anymore.
        …and I mean this in a good way.
        It seems to me the gospel choir was added in part out of humor, because it ties in with the song “sacrilege”, and also because it just sounds GOOD; simple as that.
        It’s kind of an impressionistic, no-holds-back way to create something, which is refreshing since so many artists take themselves far too seriously.
        It seems the YYY’s are just writing music to write music, which i like.

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