Last week, we asked you guys to give us some nominations for our 2013 Song Of The Summer poll, and you came through with hundreds of picks — an assortment so varied and robust that it nearly broke the spirit of the intern we tasked with tabulating and organizing your choices into something resembling a consensus. But tabulate and organize he did! Break he did not! And here we are, with an official poll, ready for you to vote on. We’ve got a worthy slate of six candidates for you to choose from, and you get only one vote. So choose wisely! You want to be on the right side of history here! The polls are open right now, and will stay open till COB July 1. We’ll reveal the victor on July 2, just in time for you to program a 4th Of July playlist consisting only of the winning track, played on repeat (remixes not allowed). Rock the vote below!

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  1. I love so many songs here, but picking anything other than “Get Lucky” feels dishonest.

  2. Gotta say, I wish “Get Lucky” wasn’t EVERYWHERE. I think I have a low tolerence for getting sick of songs. Still voted for it tho.

    • my office’s secretary listens to a top 40 station at low volume all day. not even joking – “get lucky,” oh, 20 times per day. somehow she doesn’t seem to mind. i’m barely keeping it together.

  3. Be strong, Stereogum Intern!


  5. In assessing the two obvious frontrunners, I’d say “Get Lucky” easily trumps “Blurred Lines” by virtue of being significantly less rapey.

  6. Crawling on Bruised Knees by Pharmakon didn’t make it?

  7. “Get Lucky” was more a spring hit, being released around April and all. It’s had an entire season to pop and bloom already, and it has. “Dream House” on the other hand peaked at its release date two weeks back and still riding those sunburnt waves.

  8. How did Mikal Cronin not make the cut?

  9. When I look up and see a hot blond, pink flamingos and a melting ice cream cone, Black Skinheads is probably the last song I’d associate regarding ‘song of the summer.’

    Seriously, I know everyone’s drinking the ‘Ye Kool Aid this week for whatever reason, but the angry & sexist bile that he’s spit’s out of his mouth on everything Yeezus shouldn’t be anywhere near a song like Lucky Day and sounds of the summer. It’s one list I’d rather not see him on, but let me know when you we’re voting for Angriest, Self Absorbed, Why the World Gotta Hate me Songs of the Summer…I’ll drop a vote for him then.

  10. Sad that New Summer didn’t make it, I thought it got a decent amount of support :( Oh well, from these six I would like to pick White Noise but, like Joey, I feel dishonest since I know I have listened to Get Lucky five times more.

  11. Kind of wish Supreme by Postiljonen made the cut but I guess A) it was released a bit too early in the year and B) isn’t widespread enough yet.

  12. This made me love the song even more than I already do, which I didn’t think was possible:

  13. The National – Sea of Love

  14. I feel much like one of those Gallagher guys – “Get Lucky” is a fine but simple and repetitive tune. It’s funky but I got sick of it real quicklike. On a hypocritical note, “Blurred Lines” is also simple and repetitive, but I love it and am voting for it. Sad that nothing by Chance the Rapper made the cut, that mixtape is great and fun and great.

  15. All great songs but if I have to pick one I will definitely associate with the summer time specifically, it’s Blurred Lines.

  16. Why was that so hard?

    Of course I think “Get Lucky” is the champ here, but just like when I vote in American elections, I like to use my one lonely vote to pat the underdog on the back.

    But then who do you pick out of the rest?

    Disclosure & Vampire Weekend are prime choices, but I feel like we’ve had those songs for months (especially “White Noise”).

    I recently drank the “Blurred Lines” Kool Aid and gave it an Obama not bad face. But my sister was disgusted with the song. Not because of naked girls, mind you, but because of incessant hashtagging. I told her to suck it up and accept its greatness. So that would’ve been a good choice too…

    Which leaves two very abrasive songs: Ye & Deafheaven. Honestly, throughout this month I’ve probably listened to “Dream House” more than any other song on that list. I feel it is better in the context of the album with “Irresistible” as the outro. Also, I’m not 100% positive yet that it’s my favorite on “Sunbather”. “Vertigo” & “The Pecan Tree” make very noble cases at being the best from that album too.

    So then there’s “Black Skinhead” that blew me away when Ye performed it on SNL. But now that we’ve heard the album, we know the LP version isn’t the same. As I was passing out last night with my headphones on, I gave it a spin and was very impressed with all the stereo tricks they incorporated into that song. Combined with the outside chance that Jack from SALEM had a hand in that song… I found my vote.

    Because in the end, I’m going to listen to “Black Skinhead” a hundred times this summer. I just know it. So while all of these are great choices, if I’m going by what I’m actually going to listen to in THE SUMMER (not the spring) then it’s Ye by a landslide. “Baby we livin’ in the moment”

  17. I’m just going to be that guy and ask what the fuck is with all this love for Blurred Lines?
    It’s not terrible or anything, just not that great, and I sure as shit would not want to ever describe a summer as being Blurred Lines-esque. If we wanted white guy R&B we at least could have gone with JT.

    Maybe it’s because I’m still young but I would hope the song of summer would be more exciting in a punk rock way. I love Dream House, but I feel like a great summer song should be a little more easily digestible and immediate, so probably going to have to vote Diane Young.

    My personal song of the summer will likely be something off of Acid Rap or Stand In the Sand by Twin Peaks.

  18. obviously, i don’t understand the concept of “summer song” AT ALL if that Deafheaven track and Black Skinhead are on this short list. does everyone have such a different concept of “summer”? i’m having beers with my friends on a boat or a patio, not pissing myself in the corner of an abandoned warehouse after blowing someone for crack.

  19. why is “#beautiful” not a choice?

  20. Has anyone even listened to that Dream House song? Is it just the album cover that gives it that instant ‘song of the summer’ look? So confused

    • Seriously, if the album had a bunch of blood soaked skeletons and wasn’t called Sunbather how many people would actually find that track ‘summery’?

      • It doesn’t have blood soaked skeletons on the cover because that wouldn’t make any sense. That’s not what the music is conveying at all. It’s like asking “if Daft Punk’s new album was called Funeral Moon and had disembodied corpses all over the front, would you find it summery?” It’s an absurd question because neither Daft Punk nor Deafheaven would ever do that.

        Dream House is absolutely a summer song and I’m glad Stereogum decided to include it here, even if it’s a bit atypical.

    • That song parts the clouds.

  21. If “Everlasting Arms” had made it over “Diane Young,” that might’ve made me think twice about choosing “Get Lucky” before voting for it anyways.

    On a slightly unrelated note, I feel like it’s a shame that more people aren’t aware of just how killer Jai Paul’s “Str8 Outta Mumbai” is. Definitely still a highlight on my summer playlist.

  22. steal my sunshine, all summer, every summer

  23. voting for Diane Young b/c it’s been on repeat almost every day. I won’t be too upset if Get Lucky wins since it probably will and it’s an incredibly fun and danceable song.

  24. I voted for Get Lucky because it’s still EVERYWHERE and always gives me the best vibe.
    Though I must admit, I really wanted to vote for Disclosure, seeing as their album is one of my favorites of the year so far, and White Noise is my ringtone – but we’ve had that song for a while and I associate it more with winter (maybe because I first heard it when I was freezing my ass off in London a couple months ago).
    what I’m trying to get at is, If I had to choose a summer track by Disclosure, that would definitely be “You & Me”. played it in a pool party the other week, such good vibes

  25. dreeeeeeeeeaaaammmmmmmm hooooooooouuuuuussssssssse

  26. “Hanna Hunt” by Vampire Weekend should be on the list, just a brilliant song that never gets old.

    I usually do not do this kind of thing but I thought I’d share my music since I don’t want to look like a spammer. Just a musician giving away my music for free and maybe I can have an impact on someone. I go under the name “Vacant Mind” and you can get all 38 tracks of mine for free. Hope some of enjoy it

  27. daft punk – get lucky
    deerhunter – the missing
    kurt vile – wakin on a pretty day
    mac demarco – freakin out the neighborhood
    smith westerns – varsity
    phosphorescent – song for zula
    asap rocky – fuckin problems
    ween – roses are free (live)
    pearl jam – marker in the sand
    tortoise – prepare your coffin
    king crimson – great deceiver
    vampire weekend – step
    wavves – demon to lean on
    spoon – sister jack
    mason Jennings – lemon grove avenue
    weezer – surf wax America
    the clash – Charlie don’t surf
    misfits – last caress

    that’s my summer mix I have in my car…pretty random

    • If Mac Demarco’s album hadn’t come out so long ago I would certainly have pushed for a song off of it. It’s just a great summer album with the simplicity, great vibes from the production, and melodies all over the place.

  28. Besides Let Lucky as the obvious choice and I’m serious about this, Paramore- Ain’t it fun.

  29. How come there’s no Cayucas in the list?
    Perfect song, perfect album….!!!!

  30. Chance the Rapper- Chain Smoker all the way

    But if we’re going the Top 40 route, Miley Cyrus- We Can’t Stop is way catchier than Get Lucky OR Blurred Lines

  31. woozefa  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2013 0

    *Other, with comment: Mirage – Let’s Kiss

  32. Without a doubt, song of 2013 summer is “Beach House” by Disaster In The Universe…on repeat…wish the song was longer!!!

  33. These are going to be really boring results.
    (It almost goes without saying this may end up being the most down voted comment of the week).

    • I don’t mean to shit on your probably Miss Cleo-esque powers of prediction, but I doubt this will end up the most down voted comment of the week. Next time, try posting a link to your blog or saying something deeply offensive somewhere on a thread where it will be seen. That’s a surefire way to get on the list.

  34. um stereogum, you posted this a little early. the song of the summer is “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” by Fatboy Slim. NO QUESTION!!!!!

  35. I guess I vote “Black Skinhead” because I really don’t like the rest of this shit.

    “Diane Young” is not going to age well. It sounded dated the day it was released. Cool voice modulations!
    I could keep going but no one gives a fuck.

  36. two more awesome summer tracks- “Pool” by Cub Scouts and “Oceans” by Coasts….both have that summery “feel” unlike the ones up for a vote…

  37. When I hear “Blurred Lines,” this is what I hear:

  38. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?


    Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear – Doin’ It Right

  39. Not that I’m particularly a fan, but I feel I’ll end up hearing “alive” by Empire of the Sun this summer as much if not more than most of these songs. It has that summery vibe. Or maybe “recover”…even though its not new its super poppy and people like hooky jams like this in the sun. Deafheaven have moments of beauty, but they’re always eventually barreled over by the vocals. Kanye is just angry. “Step” would be a better song off MVOTC.

  40. Play – amiwhoami

  41. These are all boring and overplayed already! But I guess that’s what “Song of Summer” means: the annoying song that the general public can’t stop listening to that plays 40 times a day on every top 40 station (with the exception of deafheaven, which I think I may need to check out)

    My songs of summer:

    Hooded Fang – Bye Bye Land, Trasher, Neverminding (or any song off of Gravez that album is pure summer)
    Braids – In Kind
    Empress of – Tristeza
    Austra – Home, we become
    Teen – Carolina
    Chvrches – Gun
    Small Black – No Stranger, Canoe
    Born Ruffians -

  42. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – If you didn’t see me (then you weren’t on the dance floor)

    The only song worthy of putting up a fight against ‘Get Lucky.’

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