Coldplay - "Atlas"

So we spent the first half of the week talking about Coldplay’s old music, and now for the back end, we’ve got some new Coldplay music. “Atlas” was recorded by the band for the upcoming film Catching Fire, the second installment in the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s the first new music from Coldplay since the 2011 LP Mylo Xyloto. It’s a swooning, appropriately cinematic ballad, which means … it sounds like Coldplay. As it should! Man, you can downvote away, but I’ll ride for some Coldplay stuff. I really like Viva La Vida! Heck, I’ll ride for Hunger Games, too. The first movie was pretty good! I saw it in the theater! J-Law! Anyway, you can check the track below; the flick is out 11/22.

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  1. This is the shittiest Battles cover I’ve ever heard.

  2. mikey nel always brings the goods

  3. Not to be “that guy,” but that first Hunger Games movie ain’t shit compared to the books.

    I will ride for “Viva La Vida” and “Parachutes,” though.

    • Aw come on now, the movie was pretty well made all things considered. The only problem was that the movie couldn’t get inside Katniss’ head like the book did (for obvious reasons), thus eliminating a whole important aspect to the story.

      … woah, sorry about that! Is there a “BookGum” (StoryGum?) I should refer to for book rants?

  4. I keep trying to hate on Coldplay, but I give up. I saw them years ago at First Ave in Mpls and their first couple of albums were with me through some hard times. I just like their music. What more can you expect from a 33 year old?

  5. I’m already finding it annoying, not particularly because of the song, but because it was made for a movie. Hope artists are not going to start getting lazy and using movie plots as inspiration, instead of actual human inspiration for their songs that movies use for their plots. Both are annoying and create a huge mainstream buzz that ultimately plays the song out, but, it payzzzzzzz.

    Then again, who buys soundtracks anyway…

    • A+ for name/comment synergy

    • Who buys soundtracks anyway??!?!????!?? God damn, I want to pelt you with my Space Jam OST jewel case for saying ignorant bullshit like that.

    • Like “Debaser” and Un Chien Andalou or “Stillness Is the Move” and Wings of Desire? Draw from whatever you want for inspiration, just make it good.

      • Soundtracks are a money grab, if not for the artist, it is a label dictation in partnership with movies to make money. “Soundtracks” may have just been a generalization, it was not all inclusive, but any that have been released in the past 8-10 years really hold now worth as a collection and waterdown the product that individual bands or artists are creating.

        You still spinning that M83 score to that Tom Cruise whatever it was called movie? Gonna tell me that intrinsically you didn’t cringe at the fact they got a great collective of artists for Twilight soundtracks and all are marginal at best tracks?

        Just saying, you know, I mean Spacejam, excluded of course.

        • I’m sorry, I thought your original post was criticizing musicians for “using movie plots for inspiration” as opposed to “actual human inspiration” (whatever that means). Now it seems like you are saying that motion picture soundtracks, in general, aren’t really that good – which seems like an entirely different point, with which would I agree.

    • A lot of songwriters and composers actually find refreshing when they can get out of their own heads and do something different that demands another perspective. That’s why there’s lots of great music is inspired by films, books, paintings… Just because something is not intimate or based on a personal experience doesn’t mean it will be bland and lack identity or lazy. Sometimes it actually lets artists tap another side of their usual work. After all, if it was completely different from who they are, it wouldn’t inspire or interest them on the first place, or get Hollywood to hire someone that might feel out of place and result in backlash.

      That said, I didn’t like the song. But at least they gave it a try.

  6. I didn’t hate it. Sounds like it could have been written the same week as Clocks.

  7. Coldplay remains the only remnant of music I liked as a 12 year old that I still like over a decade later, but this song is entirely boring and predictable in all the worst Coldplay ways. I’m not surprised they threw it out with this soundtrack. I’m sure it’ll sell a bunch merely for being associated with it. But I feel pretty strongly they weren’t expecting to use this for their album. Whatever people think of Coldplay, they did learn from X & Y. The last two albums have not included any song as straight and boring as this one, even the ones that were worse than this weren’t as boring.

  8. It just doesn’t twerk for me…

  9. Nice to hear Chris Martin is actually writing songs again. The last album sounded like a producer put it together and called him to put some vocals on it just so they could say it’s a Coldplay album.

  10. Am I the only one here who thinks this song isn’t bad? For what it is, I kinda like it.

  11. to balance out the coldplay trolling, i just now realized that Eminem is his stage name because M.arshall M.athers

  12. This is the single most innocuous thing I have ever heard. It is the sound of human life sussing itself out with a whimper like a candle in the wind.

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