There’s a story to be told here. A blogger’s tale of greed and betrayal and FTP breaches. But since many of the originating URLs are now gone, it’s a story that will have to play out here from the cache of our RSS reader (NewsFire, get on it).

The facts were these: On Saturday Bradford posted a link to download Virtual 7″ No. 4, not realizing that anyone could access his unlocked Mediafire account from that link. A reader found Deerhunter’s unmastered Weird Era Cont. (intended to be a surprise bonus to compensate for the ultra-early leaked Microcastle LP), and Atlas Sound’s unreleased Logos, and proceeded to post links to them on the ateaseweb forums. This led Bradford to four hours of Kübler-Ross style grief coping, beginning with Denial (“I don’t believe you,” etc.):

Published: Today, 12:46 AM
Author: (bradford cox)

Whoever posted this: YOU ARE FUCKED. I don’t believe you. I can’t understand how you go on living.

Then on to Anger (“fuck this shit,” declaring Logos dead) and Bargaining (a link to download, “if you’d like to pay for hearing it, send a paypal donation”):

Logos (R.I.P.) 2007-2008
Published: Today, 3:22 AM
Author: (bradford cox)

Fuck this shit. I can just make another album. It’s not finished and now it never will be. It was also going to have a rad cover. i would describe it to you but that would be stupid. P.S. there are no vocals on Quick Canal. I never got the chance to record them.
This record was not free to record, so if you’d like to pay for hearing it send a paypal donation to I am not a fucking opportunist so don’t think I expect it.

And finally, Depression and Acceptance:

Published: Today, 3:47 AM
Author: (bradford cox)

I have no idea what people want me to do. I’m not trying to be a cunt to anyone. I will finish the fucking album and stop bitching. I honestly really truly do not want attention from this. Sincerely. I wish none of this shit would have happened. I was just trying to give away another virtual 7″. Now everyone that reads this thing is going to think i’m a fucking lunatic. I just have nothing to do. I guess I’ll go clean my room.

And then he unpublished everything. Sounds like Bradford had a shitty weekend.

To say that the internet’s slope toward entitlement and self-serving mindlessness is a slippery one is hardly news (give ’em a free MP3, they’ll seek out the torrent), but it is particularly disheartening to see it play out so clearly and callously, and make a victim of someone who gives of his music so freely, and so regularly. Sorry, Bradford. I want to believe this sort of behavior is beneath the average person who frequents sites like this one, but to those for whom it is not: Grow the fuck up and have a little respect for the space and time needed to create the art you love. Nobody wins this way.

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  1. put that skinny little finger down.

    and don’t blame everyone else for your own e-stupidity.

  2. Marc  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    I’m gonna buy the forthcoming Atlas Sound LP as well as the – unbelievably good – new Deerhunter LP entitled Microcastle (including the ‘Weird Era Cont.’ EP). Why? Because I love the music of both Deerhunter and Atlas Sound. That’s also the reason why i’m searching both leaked subjects RIGHT NOW. I don’t care if they’re unmastered, i just want to listen to them because… right: I love the music of both Deerhunter and Atlas Sound.

  3. beemer  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    what a fucking douche bag. He lives for the drama anyhow, he probably wanted it all to happen


  5. Ace  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    Weird Era Cont. is the best album of 2008. Hands down. Brilliant.

    And yes…I will be buying it as well when it comes out Bradford.

  6. colin  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    no one hacked onto his mediafire account, the original link he posted was a link into his mediafire folder, which apparently he didnt know existed. the link he meant to be for the 7″ was really to his all his mediafire uploads. no one went snooping aroud for this stuff, it was just there when that original link was up. once you got into it you went snooping around.

  7. it just sucks that someone would do this to an immensely talented musician who pretty much has given away more music than he’s officially released. were the dozens of songs posted on bradford’s blog really not enough, to where someone takes advantage of an accident and leaks shit that (in “logos’” case) wasn’t even finished?

    i understand that whoever leaked it was just excited to hear new music, but this is the equivalent of stealing shit out of a car that someone forgot to unlock.

  8. *someone forgot to lock.


  9. Davy  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    Here’s some vids and pics from the free Deerunter show in Atlanta last Friday (with a new song):

  10. Richie  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    Reposting his embarassing rants which he very quickly deleted in order to generate a news story on your own blog is pretty hypocritical, given that the tone of your post is supposed to be in commiseration\understanding of him, no?

  11. ingrid  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    Whoever thinks Bradford is acting like a douche or a drama queen because of this incident is insane. I mean, put yourself in the guys shoes-he innocently posts the Holiday/S.C.C virtual 7″, and makes a mistake in the process that leads to people tapping into two unreleased albums. What the fuck do you expoect other than a HUGE meltdown on his part when HIS stuff has suddenly been invaded, regardless of whether or not the mistake was his to begin with. I sympathize with him, I cant imagine what the implications of that type of error would feel like. But, shit happens, and I think Bradford is entitled to deal with it in whatever way he sees fit. The guy is SO fucking generous as is, and to have that generosity exploited as such sucks. That said, Weird Era Cont is fucking outstanding. I sincerely hope Logos will see the light of day.

  12. me; kaleb  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    >>?>> BUT why even up to a server demos / working versions of your sacred songs in the first place? If you want to share these precious items with a few friends – use your email account, genius tron. Nothing published on the hyper-text-transfers are protected [much less email, but it's worth a try] – see: hacked photobucket nudes.

    truth is.

    • ml  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

      I know my email account doesn’t allow for attachments larger than a few MBs – would be tough/frustrating to send entire albums to someone this way (I’ve tried before, and usually takes several emails and tons of waiting around/bounced-back files). My bandmates and I often share albums worth of working mixes/demos with each other through Sendspace because it’s much easier than emailing each individual track… But it would probably be a good idea to not use the same account for private files as you use to publicly post free shit for your fans to download and share. Unfortunately a lot of these “fans” don’t know where to draw the line as to what’s appropriate to take and share with respect to the artist. I feel for Bradford and Deerhunter… an honest mistake that I’m sure they’ll make sure can never happen again.

      • true. my second route, given that my email account couldn’t handle files of such size, would be to yousendit.

        encrypt. manuscript.

  13. gavin  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    That’s why you don’t blog when you’re angry…

  14. Sal  |   Posted on Aug 18th, 2008 0

    Microcastle leaked months ago over MediaFire. The link never went down, at least for a month. Pavement leaked cassettes of Slanted and Enchanted prior to it’s release, which resulted in buzz from Spin and other publications prior to the release. Maybe Bradford leaked Microcastle because he knew he’d have an album’s worth of material in Weird Era to sweeten the deal. Just a thought.

    As far as Logos and Weird Era–that seems to have been an accident. But what a huge mistake. If you’ve been using mediafire for over two years, he had to have been well aware of the public nature of it. He utilized it to distribute music to the public! People are bound to dig around. Doesn’t mean it’s right, but he posted the link and he shouldn’t bitch his fans out for seeing the folder and downloading from it.

    Regardless of if it was a careless mistake, he probably couldn’t ask for things to be orchestrated so well. This might mean better buzz for Microcastle/Weird Era than the Microcastle leak created. The resulting negative blog comments, which were partially a result of Bradford coming down on posters for “disrespecting his friends” and criticizing his music, will solidify the love and sympathy of his biggest fans. It also gives him a solid reason to take down the comments section without any negative response from his fans, something he was considering, but then decided against.

  15. i feel bad for the guy. i think i would have reacted the same way if that had happened to me. it was an honest mistake.

  16. “To say that the internet’s slope toward entitlement and self-serving mindlessness is a slippery one is hardly news… but it is particularly disheartening to see it play out so clearly and callously…”

    Agreed. Just because someone puts themselves in a situation where they can be taken advantage of doesn’t actually give you the right to take advantage of them in the first place.

  17. He made a mistake. People make mistakes. If you’re a decent human being, you don’t capitalize on those mistakes and make someone out to be a fool for something purely incidental.

  18. I’m sorry, but BC is totally in the right here. The guy is just human and complete strangers are abusing his generosity. Fuck them.

  19. Kat  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    I don’t see much abuse of generosity. He posted the link, but didn’t realize the file was there. The people who followed the mediafire link downloaded what they saw. Once he caught the mistake, he took it down, explained the situation (rudely), and the rants began. There were a few tasteless comments on his blog, but overall, it was his mistake and his fans don’t deserve his middle finger. With all the flailing drama, it probably helped spread word concerning the link more than simply taking the link down.

  20. Bradford: Deerhunter is teh biggest band on the internet, wahwahwahwahwahwahwah!!!!!  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    Bradford Cox has just became the whiniest internet blog drama queen since Ronnie Radke and Trace Cyrus:


    • why the fuck do you read trace cyrus’s blog? i question your taste, sir.

      • christian  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

        sorry but while i completely agree with you, you seem to know EXACTLY who this person is talking about. doesn’t exactly exonerate you, does it?

      • readers: 1, katie: 0  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

        Um, I don’t read the piece of shit that is Trace Cyrus’ blog (nor that other gay dude’s blog). I read instead, where I get all the news Stereogum fails to post.

  21. nocred  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    The only reason I ever visited this site was because you had the Calvary Scars video on it last year. I read where this site was one of the ones to run this story, along with MTV, etc, etc, however, Pitchfork chose not to. Think I’ll stick with PF as they have some cred.
    Did they suffer a fewer 10000 hits or so by NOT running the story? Probably. Do they care? No. This site, along with the owners Buzznet, had the choice to run this or not. I won’t be visiting here again, nor any of the other sites that ran it. Not only did you publish the story, but you ran a picture and posts that were later removed, by the author, from the original site. You may very well be in violation of Buzznet’s copyright policy but hey, who cares right? Kick a guy when he’s down. It makes for good copy.
    Scott already got a big check from the sale. Congratulations, you’ve now joined TMZ and Entertainment Tonight. Feels great, huh?

  22. hahaha  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    The sad truth is, this is newsworthy. Pitchfork won’t touch it because their name was brought up on the whole comment mess. Particularly how they cover album leaks of other bands but never Deerhunter’s leaks. Wonder why that is??? Your guess is as good as mine.

  23. carol  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    btw, ‘microcastle’ is out now in itunes.

  24. Armits A Dick  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    nocred is right, you are a fucking hack ARMIT, for posting this. fuck this stupid site, this is why p4k are where they are, and why you are where you wish they were. posting some heat of the moment junk that was removed, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    HACK HACK HACK job here. you are NOT a real journalist and never will be. go die.

  25. hmmm  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    Could resist, could you, Bradford?

  26. christian: it’s one thing to know who trace cyrus is. it’s another thing to compare trace cyrus to bradford cox. bradford cox has a legitimate problem. his hard work leaked all over the internet. it was an honest mistaken on his part and i can understand why he was upset about what transpired. trace cyrus is an adolescent brat whining over a piercing. there is no comparison right there. it is in bad taste to compare the two when they are on complete opposite spectrums of circumstance. guy: i’m glad you keep up to date with all your whiney screamo bands!

  27. sorry bradford  |   Posted on Aug 19th, 2008 0

    this is completely newsworthy. well done for not burying the story. the music was out there regardless. may as well let everyone hear and know about it.

  28. Stealing a little bit extra when someone just gave you something for free is bad enough, but stealing someone’s work BEFORE IT’S DONE and showing it to the whole world in an unpolished state is a really, really horrible thing to do to an artist.

  29. Steve Sanders  |   Posted on Aug 20th, 2008 0

    It’s newsworthy.

    Seriously, people have got to think before they type!

  30. P2K  |   Posted on Aug 20th, 2008 0

    Wow. Bradford f’s up and people yell at music journalists at Stereogum for covering a story about an artistically significant musicians accidental leak of … music? P4k once again proves it’s a journalistic joke with biased, nepotistic coverage. If you’re friendly with one of four people [you can guess which four], you get a special handshake. Kudos to the ‘Gum. Less dialogue would be bad journalism. Maybe if some of you understood what being a reporter or a media outlet was about, you’d get why this story, as is, deserved to be run by a music periodical. Or maybe you’re all in the PRC, Saudi Arabia or somewhere else with a state-run media making sure every story shimmers and shines, and all news remains good news.

  31. meghan  |   Posted on Aug 20th, 2008 0

    the only thing i have to say is: if Bradford is already releasing so many free and good things to his fans, clearly loves and respects his fans, why are people still taking advantage of him?

  32. erik  |   Posted on Aug 20th, 2008 0

    do not underestimate bradford cox’s penchant for manipulating the media. he’s the best in the business. something tells me he is well-aware that ranting about these “leaks” would get him some press on pitchfork/stereogum/etc. – all with the intention of promoting microcastle.

    • heeber  |   Posted on Aug 20th, 2008 0

      this is the truth right here, erik speaks the truth

    • yeah. he was definitely just posting about the leak to get attention from stereogum and pitchfork. he wasn’t upset that his double lp surprise was foiled by the leak.


      deerhunter doesn’t need press from p4k or stereogum. they’ll fair very well when microcastle comes out.

  33. erik  |   Posted on Aug 21st, 2008 0

    @katie. i think most people would acknowledge that bradford’s calculatingly outrageous blog posts have become something of a tired act at this point, and as far as microcastle goes, personally i haven’t heard it yet but my impression is that people are finding it a little underwhelming / safe. you have to admit…this *would* be a great way to drum up some publicity. contrived leaks, where the band or band’s people cry foul but yet are secretly behind it, happen all the time cf. stereogum’s recent buckcherry post:

    • i’m not denying that certain artists leak their music for publicity purposes. buckcherry seems to need the publicity. i don’t think deerhunter needs the publicity though. i think what happened last weekend was an honest mistake by bradford. sure, it may have helped publicize microcastle but i don’t think bradford was sitting around trying to think of ways to draw attention to himself/his band/microcaste. i like to think that deerhunter has more class than buckcherry.

  34. hahahaha  |   Posted on Aug 21st, 2008 0

    Describing his poop on the blog; posting child porn, rants and pictures of him giving the bird. . . CLASSY!

  35. erik  |   Posted on Aug 21st, 2008 0

    @katie. maybe not this time, but there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that bradford cox has sat around the room thinking of ways to get attention. also, the perspective that deerhunter doesn’t need attention and buckcherry does is kind of funny considering that buckcherry has probably sold literally 100x more albums than deerhunter and atlas sound combined.

  36. Ah jeez. That just sucks all around. I love Deerhunter to pieces and it breaks my heart that he gives so much away for free just for the sake of sharing then runs into something like this. Bah.

  37. Don   |   Posted on Aug 25th, 2008 0

    I’m not saying Bradford isn’t attention-hungry, but I think it’s a stretch to accuse the guy of leaking two unfinished/unmastered full lengths to drum up anticipation for another record that has already leaked.

    I don’t know him personally, so I may be completely wrong about this. Obviously.

  38. shitfuck  |   Posted on Sep 3rd, 2008 0

    Bradford, we love you because you are human, and you remind us what it means to be human. Thank you. :-)

  39. Bradford Cox is a fine upstanding dude.

    Obviously, things being leaked in unfinished states is a frustrating problem, and rampant file sharing is eroding the livelihood of committed musicians like him, so it’s a troublesome issue for everyone.

    Musicians don’t begrudge fans for seeking out their stuff, but they do have to worry that they won’t be able to survive on the pittance that each record yields.

    What’s a boy to do?

    I’ll be buying everything possible by this guy on vinyl and writing about how great he is everywhere I can. Bradford Cox is redefining a passage of music history and eclipsing the classics of the genre in the process. Long live Deerhunter and long live Atlas Sound!

  40. I’m just wondering if Deerhunter has ever played Beerhunter, the drinking game?

  41. Dude Mood  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2009 0

    Dude. Deerhunter sucks.

    Wouldve loved to see them open up for Black Flag in 82..

    terrible noise

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