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If you haven’t opened your Record Store Day purchases yet, you may want to throw it up on eBay instead. Just two days after the big day, RSD exclusives are being flipped for ridiculous amounts of money. Any list like this is imperfect and this is probably already out of date but we’ve combed through the listings to find the records that have already sold for astronomical prices. This doesn’t count all of the ongoing auctions that are sure to steadily rise over the next few days but it’s a good overview of which vinyl flipped quick and made a fast buck. The biggest “winners” by volume are by far R.E.M. and Cake (!), both of which have at least a dozen already auctioned off. Check out the gallery above to see what record topped the list.

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  1. WTF? I picked up the Cake set with very little effort (it was there, most of the other things I wanted were gone) and I really love it. But I’m not sure I love it enough to not try listing it at a minimum of twice what I paid for it. :/

    • Once you turn the way of a flipper – bad record karma will haunt you. You have been warned.

      • I own more pieces of vinyl than people believe, so I keep the number to myself. I started collecting in the 80s, because that’s what music came on back then. Record player at home, cassette deck in the car. I have a reasonable number of CDs because there was a time during the 90s when a lot of stuff never made it to vinyl. However, I never stopped collecting vinyl (made easier by the fact that I live in the SF bay area and have been surrounded by great record stores over the years). Anyway, enough preamble, the point I was going to make is that I’ve never flipped a piece of vinyl (or a rare cd, for that matter). I’ve sold a few over the years, but I’ve never purchased one intending to make a large profit. But the amount of OTHER music (or groceries, or gas) I could buy if I flipped that Cake set makes it seem like a no brainer. Karma fucked me a long time ago anyway.

    • I know the Cake set was the first thing to go at my local shop. Heard the people at the front of the line had been there since 7:30pm the previous night (store opened at 10am).

      • Do you mind if I ask your general location, raptor? Because I’m in NorCal, so I expected the Cake set to be pretty hard to get. I could have bought two of them (assuming the store would have let me).

    • Wait… you paid $225 for… Cake?

      • Me? No. I just meant that, based on what they’re going for on ebay, I could easily list mine for with a minimum of twice what I paid for it. It likely would have gone for more than that without the minimum (buy it now price), but my point is the same regardless. I’m keeping mine, though.

  2. Fear of Men was available online via this morning; Pixies still are, apparently. I hate these profiteer bastards.

  3. If I owned a record store and you bought one of these precious items there and then I found you had sold it on eBay, I would do my best to ban you from the store.

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        • Yeah I heard Scott went to the bank and withdrew a cool $100 because you commented “bob dylan can’t sing” on a listicle.

    • “The 10 Best michael_ Rants, Emotional Breakdowns, Promises to Leave Stereogum, Beefs, Apologies, and Personal Attacks.”

      I’d read it.

      • michael_ is possibly my favorite part of this site. Half the time he’s a raving lunatic and half the time he’s a complete genius. It’s like buying a lottery ticket every time he comments, but you always win.

        • I’m totally with you on that. I think I might have originally made my account to offer him some life advice, then thought better of it and stuck around. Anyway, long live _!

        • Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m with you. The drama is awesome. And he is spot-on about a lot of stuff.

        • I don’t even see his posts. The raving lunatic half (I think you’re being generous going 50/50 though) has conditioned me to skip right over ALL of them.

      • In keeping tradition with past year’s post-Coachella posts, I always like to bring a little more energy to the comments section in the days after going. It’s kind of like the Raw the night after Wrestlemania where you dont’t know what’s going to happen, but just know something will happen and it injects some interest and new angles.

    • Can we ban him again, ‘Gum?

    • Honest question: why do you lurk here? What do you get out of it? You’re dripping with negativity, but you do sometimes make valid points that could contribute to the discussion if you phrased your points differently. I just can’t understand why you read this site when it seems to bring you so much misery, and I feel like among the changes you could make in your life to be a happier person staying away from Stereogum might be beneficial for you.

    • Seriously, though…Perfect Pussy and HAIM are so not worth mentioning as often as they get mentioned. I’m with you on that, Mikey Underscore.

      • Don’t you be talkin bad on my HAIM girlies

      • Haim, Ms Mr, Perfect Pussy and Chvrches are some of the most over-rated things to come out in music in a VERY long time… Their fine (except maybe for Haim and PP – who are just plain crap), but all of this has been done MANY TIMES before and more importantly, has been done waaaaay better. Short Term memory and short attention spans these days I guess.

  5. At least half of this stuff will be selling for $50 in a few months.

  6. So glad I got the Fear Of Men LP, one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a long while. Plus the vinyl is pretty as F.

  7. How much was LCD originally listed for?

  8. This is ridiculous. LCD is getting a wide vinyl release next month.
    Also, King Giz are excellent. I’m not surprised that it’s selling for so much.

  9. A little sad, but scarcity is a powerful aphrodisiac for collectors.

    I sold most of my records to a good record store at a time when I needed money more than vinyl. I would expect that not long after, a music fan came to the shop and was giddy to find D.O.A.’s ‘Triumph of the ignoroids’ first pressing. I paid my rent and made someone’s else’s day.

    These are records, people – not kidneys.

    • Scarcity, or exclusivity if you prefer, always costs more and it always will in a free market society where people are allowed to spend their money as they see fit. I see nothing wrong with it. If something is priced out of reason, nobody will buy it. Cool that you recognize you made someone’s day, though.

  10. >08. Pixies – Indie Cindy – $199


    • yeah, even if you’re a die-hard “pixies can do no wrong” fan, the record is going to be out in a week, so they’re essentially paying ~$160 for one song. makes no sense

      • Vinyl collectors love those 7 inches, though. Especially rare ones. And they’re also paying for the privilege of listening to it a week in advance and the experience/memory of buying it on RSD.

    • Completists. The confluence of fandom, commodity fetishism, and hoarding. But record stores are basically charity cases so chumps who want to blow their cash on novelty vinyls could certainly choose worse ways to spend.

      • That’s kind of a looking down the nose insulting way to describe someone’s personal decisions. My preferred way to listen to music is on vinyl and it has been for a very long time. Has nothing to do with fandom, fetishism or hoarding. And many records (most if buying them used) cost less than a full length mp3 release on iTunes.

        • I’m not insulting people who like to listen to vinyl, I’m insulting completists, based on the assumption that only someone committed to owning every Pixies’ record would pay $200 (or even $20) for something as irredeemably crappy as “Indie Cindy.” I guess I’m insulting people who like “Indie Cindy,” too, but tbh I’m not convinced there are such people.

    • I might have paid that for the Pixies to not have released any new music.

  11. When it comes to scalpers, it’s best to take the ethical high road, and ignore them, because the people who take advantage of such opportunities don’t need another person calling them a piece of shit (they already know that), and regardless of what preventative measures an artist or store takes, there’s always going to be a market for these kinds of transactions. (b/c people are usually too busy, or lazy, to wait)
    On a lighter note, shout-out to Criminal Records for the cover photo, and mad respect to anyone who braved that RSD line, especially considering the weather. I did not (I chose Wax n’ Facts), but when I walked by right before 10 am, there had to be over 300 people waiting to get in. I doubt everyone got what they want, but I hope everyone had a good time. I certainly did, and absolutely love the albums I got (Parquet Courts, Zappa, Tame Impala, Dinosaur Jr., Henry Mancini).

  12. Thanks for the shout out Cory Rodgers, that Zappa 7″ made me smile all day long seeing his face tucked under so many arms. Record Store Day was so much fun, those people pictured in line in front of our store were also watching The Whigs, Cloud Nothings, Mood Rings and tons more. We gave away over 1,000 free tshirts, 1,000 tote bags, 500 mugs and mounds of stickers, magnets and buttons. Best Day ever.
    Oh, and stacks of LCD Soundsystem, Dinosaur Jr., Black Lips, Pretty Lights and hundreds more still on the racks at regular price.
    I feel bad for folks that have bad experiences and have to resort to eBay. Don’t know how to solve that, but it sure is fun making and selling records and listening to bands.

  13. Whoa man do you have mailorder? There’s some stuff i’m still looking for that i’d like to get my hands on and not pay the flippers on Ebay and Discogs, the Ron Jeremy, Mudhoney and Merchandise/Milk Music/ Destruction Unit records come to mind immediately. And here in Pittsburgh i got most of what i wanted (if they had it) at Sound Cat Records and everyone was very cool, someone would call something out and if someone found it they’d shout it out and it’d get passed through the store, the exact opposite of say black friday at Wal-Mart.

  14. I missed out on the Soundgarden Superunknown set and The Wizard of Oz OST (which was gonna be a gift for my 6 year old daughter). Sad day for me.

  15. A lot of these were one-time flips the morning of the event because people freaked that it might be their only chance to get them. I’ve seen the Pixies, Camera Obscura, and Fear of Men all still available at most record stores yesterday. Currently on Ebay, there’s a lot of listings with no bids for these items. LCD, Cake, Dave Matthews,and the Folk box were expensive sets to begin with. The Cake and Dave Matthews only merely doubled their value. The biggest successful flips I’ve seen are The Ghostbusters 10-inch which is going regularly at $100, which is about 7 times its original price. The Jerry Garcia solo album, which is going for about $150, 6 times its original price. Also, the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World Soundtrack which is going for about $100, 5 times its asking price.

    • My shop still has 10 copies of the Pixies (they had a ton to start with) They also have a couple of the Camera Obscura. The LCD, Cake, Ghostbusters, REM, Scott Pilgrim, Soundgarden and Garcia all went extremely quick. At least in the first 10-15 minutes. The DMB lasted all afternoon.

  16. The flipping of that Jack White single is baffling and infuriating.

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