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For anyone else who may have been wondering lately, “What the heck happened to Fleet Foxes?” we’ve got an answer for you. In an udpdate on the band’s Facebook page today, frontman Robin Pecknold explained to fans that he actually moved to New York a while back and enrolled at Columbia University as an undergrad. He also explains that he has been working on new music and that he’s excited for what comes next. Read the entire post below.

For anyone who’s curious, this is a short Fleet Foxes update – been a while! So, after the last round of touring, I decided to go back to school. I never got an undergraduate degree, and this felt like the right time to both see what that was about and to try something new after a while in the touring / recording lifestyle. I moved to New York and enrolled at Columbia, and I’ve mostly been doing that, but I’m working on songs and excited for whatever happens next musically, even if it’s down the line. Hope all is well out there.

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  1. We need some Fleet Foxes in our lives.

  2. Helplessness Blues > S/T – whose with me?

    *tumbleweed rolls past*

  3. Yahoo! Yahoo for school! Yahoo for me!

  4. but what is he majoring in?

  5. “Oh yeah, he was actually in my media theory discussion group and I asked him what was with up with the band, and that’s what he told us like three semesters ago. I just figured everyone else knew…” – fellow Pecknold Columbia undergrad

  6. “Robin Pecknold Goes To College” sounds like a movie. One I’d gladly pay to see, at that.

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