Azealia Banks

Last week, Azealia Banks released the single “Heavy Metal And Reflective,” her first new song since cutting ties with her old label. Now, she’s released the video for that track, directed by Rob Soucy and Nick Ace. It features biker gangs, barking dogs, a slow-motion shot of a butterfly, and Banks singing in the desert. It’s an action-filled video, but she still wouldn’t want to run into this lady when she’s out in that desert. Watch it below.

“Heavy Metal And Reflective” is out now as a self-released single.

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  1. she isn’t very good at making ‘songs’

    beat is super good, flow is good. lyrics are OK. no hook. this has been pretty true of like everything she’s released since 212.

  2. The low register, monotone, speed rap vocal style she’s been leaning on is the biggest problem I have with her. It’s technically impressive, but nowhere near as fun as the higher pitched, almost Valley Girl-like over enunciating, conversational way she rapped on 212. Listen to that song right after this one and it sounds like a completely different person. I mean, that’s fine and all if she wants to rap that way, but it just lacks personality.

  3. This sounds a lot like “Nathan” but that being said i still dig it. Miles away from 212 though

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