What Is Your Most Embarrassing Celebrity Dream?

I know everyone hates hearing about everyone else’s dreams. I know, I know, I know. But, you know, everyone loves talking about their own dreams. And really I feel like everyone hates hearing about everyone else’s ANYTHING, and loves talking about literally anything having to do with themselves, and we talk about that shit all the time, so can we just PLEASE BE ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT OUR DREAMS FOR ONE SECOND?!? Ok. To set the scene: It was Tuesday night, April 30th, and my cable had gone out. (This is my real life nightmare, not the dream yet.) Noticing The Hunger Games was available on Netflix Instant, I decided to watch a little bit of it out of professional curiosity. I had never seen it before. I watched about 45 minutes of it, the maximum amount a not-too-young woman like myself could take, before turning it off and going to bed. That night I dreamed that Jennifer Lawrence was my best friend and we were travelling on a bus to a Hunger Games-themed bootcamp together. She was super great and very easy to get along with. At one point we drove by a billboard with her face on it and I was like, “Man, that’s so weird, how does that feel?” And she said, “Fuckin’ WEIRD, man.” Hahahaha. That is just so Jennifer. She was the best! Probably the best friend I ever had. My only wish is that I could induce a coma and sleep forever in my dream world with my best friend, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. We would have so many beautiful adventures together. But, so, that was pretty embarrassing! It was also embarrassing how disappointed I was when I woke up. But enough about me, WHAT ABOUT YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING CELEBRITY DREAM? If you don’t remember I’d suggest going to your dream journal and flipping open to the “Celebrity” tab. (This is an open dream journal post, don’t worry.) Please tell me, let’s not make this any worse than it already has been.