How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? Pretty good, it was nice out today but still not as warm as you’d like it to be, not that you’re complaining too much, and you’re going to go see an apartment later because you’re moving soon and you’re nervous but also excited? About the move, you mean? Seeing the apartment is probably going to be fine? Wow, same! Totally same. What a fine day we’re having. And for fans of Mr. Rogers, this day just got a little bit more BEAUTIFUL! (IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!) (UGH, I’M SORRY!) From Deadline:

The sweater wearing children’s TV icon Fred Rogers is the subject of A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, an Alexis Jolly spec script that has sold to Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen’s Treehouse Pictures. Nappi and Turen will produce with Treehouse’s Juliet Berman co-producing.

Specific details on the storyline are being kept under wraps. Jolly has been a staff writer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and pitched the idea to his APA agents, who helped it find a home at Treehouse.

That sounds nice! I bet this will be a very nice movie. Who should play Mr. Rogers, though, do you think? Bryan Cranston? Aaron Paul? I can’t think of anyone else who would really FIT, even though I’m trying. Ummmm. Ok, well I guess maybe Giancarlo Esposito? Not sure. What do you think? And more importantly, HOW WAS YOUR DAY?