Top Republicans On Mitt Romney And The Art Of Time Travel

You know what’s weird? One week from today this whole election thing will just be over and we will know who won and we will have a president for another four years and life marches on. I know that’s not that weird. Stuff happens all the time. One week ago there were no known effects from Hurricane Sandy. Time marches ever forward. But I guess what I mean is that a week is really not very much time. You know? It’s a completely manageable and easily-considered amount. You can probably picture what you’re going to be doing from now through election night with a few gray areas or mystery spots. And, on that same note, it is very easy to imagine yourself one week from now. Everything about you is pretty much the same (although maybe you are a little happier/more relaxed or a little sadder/more concerned) and yet the world around you has indelibly shifted. After weeks and months of thinking and planning and wondering and hoping (or whatever you have been doing) you can now quite simply fast forward using only your mind and be there right now. Go ahead. Try it. See? (You CAN do this with longer stretches of time. Like sometimes I imagine myself on my 60th birthday, just two short years from now, looking back on this time and wondering why I wasted so much of it. But this kind of travel is much riskier because you really can, from that vantage point, if you reach your now mind out and try to connect with the future mind, eventually you will, and this creates a dangerous opportunity on that day in the future to completely obliterate decades into a tiny shred of a hyperspeed half-memory. Be careful.) Now you are a real Marty McFly. (Video via JoeMande.)