A Few Better Halloween Pranks

The style of prank that becomes popular around Halloween is that of a quick scare, or a shock, rather than the generally more drawn out or on-set style pranks that populate the other seasons. They’re still terrible! And they’re terrible because, no matter how suspicious one is, or how immune one could possibly be to a normal prank, NO ONE is immune to someone jumping out of a bush unexpectedly and screaming something in their face, for example. No one gets woken up by someone shouting “IT’S A GHOST!” and says, “Whatever, I knew you were going to wake me up and shout ‘it’s a ghost,'” for another example. And that is why Halloween pranks are stupid. The End. Just kidding. Not the end! Here is a video of a Halloween prank that, to be honest, doesn’t even scare many people — probably because the pranker was being followed by a video team. Rule #1 in pranks is make sure your video team is across the street!

Classic. Classic head drop prank. But, just in case any of you are inspired to do your own Halloween pranks in the next few days, I’ve put together a list of a few that might even be a little better than this one:

  • When your significant other comes home from work, creep up to the door and, right before they open it, open it for them at a normal speed. “What’s going on?” they’ll probably be like, at first, before they realize you’re opening the door for them. Then say, “Welcome home, I missed you!”
  • Do ALL of the dishes. Tell your roommate a ghost did them.
  • Leave this note on the desk of a co-worker: “BOO! Just kidding. I just wanted to say that I think you’re doing a great job. :)”
  • Wear a spooky pin on your sweater. If someone compliments it say, “What pin?” Then smile and laugh and say, “Thanks.”
  • In the work refrigerator, leave a little takeout container that says “Werewolf food — DO NOT EAT!!” then at the end of the day take it out and share it with everyone, because it is actually some sort of delicious Halloween treat you made.

Ha-ha-ha! You’ll have the last laugh! (Via ViralViral.)