Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Parenthood comes back next week, THANK GOD. I hate having to skip a week of crying and feeling like garbage because of fake stories on the TV. Until then, please enjoy these incredibly realistic photos of Haddie enjoying herself at Cornell. (Also: Can you believe Julia?) (Also: I hope Jasmine felt like a bitch.) -Parenthood
  • Holy moly, please take a look at Kristen Stewart’s Florabotanica interview. She talks about perfume and then runs out of things to talk about and it is all incredibly strange. Maybe FF to 14 minutes in. -Florabotanica
  • Tonight, Community was supposed to return on NBC but, as you know, that is no longer happening. So the cast made a video about it. OH! They’re saying it is a “gift” to their fans, and if you think of it that way it is a totally shitty gift, but it’s a good video! -Uproxx
  • The Family Circus movie got writers, FINALLY. Let’s get this show on the road! -Variety
  • President Obama and Mitt Romney both did tight 10 minute sets at last night’s Al Smith dinner. But: WHO WAS FUNNIER? Who is America’s Next Top Comedian President? -Celebitchy
  • Lindsay Lohan didn’t go to work and Bret Easton Ellis wrote an angry tweet about it because this is the world we live in. -Dlisted
  • Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake went from In A Relationship to Married. Congratulations to the happy couple with so much money and so many nice vacations, I bet. -NextMovie