Crossing “Space Jump” Off Of The Worry List

OH THANK GOD FELIX FINALLY DID THE RED BULL STRATOS JUMP AND HE LANDED AND IS FINE AND NOW WE CAN ALL STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT. Where were you when you watched Felix Baumgartner break this terrifying world record for no reason, when he should’ve been at home in bed, staying safe? I was not able to watch it live, but I did get an AP alert when he did the jump and then, what seemed like HOURS later, an AP alert when he landed safely. So scary. If I were his family I’d still just be so mad at him. “HOW DARE YOU RISK YOUR LIFE IN THE NAME OF RED BULL.” But I’m glad we can now all sit back and watch a nicely cut video about it, still terrified even though we know he makes it and even though I guess he wasn’t as in space as it looks. (Neil deGrasse Tyson — always a buzzkill.)

Well done, Felix Baumgartner. Please don’t try anything like this again.