Why Doesn’t Anything Good Ever Happen To Us?: Ben Affleck Leaves Note On Car

It’s just so unfair. You live your life every day, trying to do the right thing, and what do you get? NOTHING. You park your car on the street and sometimes people hit it and they almost never leave a note, and if they DO leave a note, it is LITERALLY NEVER A NOTE FROM BEN AFFLECK! Why do you even try? Why even bother. If the whole world is just going to shit on you all the time, letting complete nobodies hit your car, while there are other people out there in the world getting their car hit by Ben Affleck I just don’t even know why we continue to get up and go to our jobs and go to sleep at night. What’s the point. From E!:

While driving around Santa Monica, Calif., Saturday, the Argo star accidentally knocked the mirror off a parked car, but made sure to leave a note on its windshield before leaving the scene.

“Hi, knocked off your mirror! Very sorry! Will cover everything—Ben,” the note read, along with his contact information, according to Just Jared.

The 40-year-old thesp was later spotted taking his adorable daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, to McDonalds.

We wonder how surprised the car owner was to find that contact info!

If EVERYONE doesn’t get to have their car mirror knocked off by Ben Affleck, then NO ONE should be able to get their car mirror knocked off by Ben Affleck. That’s just what I believe.