John Travolta And Oliva Newton-John’s Christmas Album Cover Is Perfect

Gosh, I have so many questions. What products did they use to make John Travolta’s human hair seem perfectly sculpted yet completely natural? How did they find a shirt to match his hair’s exact shade and texture? Why did they put that shirt on Olivia Newton-John, as well? Couldn’t they find her a hair shirt of her own? Did these two friends know that a record label photographer was going to interrupt their holiday party to take the photo for their album, or was it a surprise? Do they have two trees? Why is the tree in the photograph so light on decorations? Are they drinking hot chocolate or lattes? Who tied the bows on the presents? Was it John? What kind of lip gloss is he wearing? This kind? Does he practice his smile in the mirror or is that just the natural shape his face makes when he is happy? Aaarg, so many questions!! But I guess it is best not to demand answers from perfection. We will never understand it fully — we can only be grateful for its presence in our lives. (Via Gawker.)