Man Inherits Terrifying Clown Collection Just In Time For Halloween

I’ve never understood what it is about clowns that makes some people so afraid of them. Their delightful painted faces? Their humorously large shoes? The fact that they can pack many of themselves into a tiny car — many more humans than you’d think would be able to fit into a tiny car, let alone with all those clown accoutrements? Their beautiful shocks of orange or neon yellow hair? Their ability to pass through life thought of as harmless children’s entertainers, their malicious intent never becoming known until they — makeup smeared, drooling — have an already bloodied axe raised over your face? I don’t know! I guess I’ll just never get it. One thing I do get, though, is that this huge warehouse of clown items this guy inherited from his clown enthusiast father — six truck-loads of clown items — makes for a very spooky warehouse that maybe he should put a bunch of padlocks on because who knows what those things get up to at night, or what they could be planning!

EEK! I mean, also very sweet, but also EEEEEEK! Do you think he’s starting to become interested in the clowns because they’ve begun taking over his brain and soon he will be prepared to do their bidding? Do you think he doesn’t like the sad ones because their the only ones with human empathy? What do you think?! BOO! Haha! Were you scared? Ahhh! BOO! (Via Abroath.)