Dear Internet, Did We Miss Something?

“Holy crap, you guys. As someone who has personally read the entire Internet from cover to cover today, let me tell you that NOTHING is going on. And I know that the only thing more boring than nothing going on is someone pointing out how nothing is going on, but at the same time, nothing is going on, so what else are we supposed to point out? (On an unrelated sidenote: it’s crazy how well the trailer for Sandra Bullock’s The Net holds up. If you told me that movie was coming out this summer I’d totally believe you. Spooky stuff.) Unless, of course, we are wrong. Did something interesting happen on the Internet today that we missed? Seems impossible. Between the girl from The Ring throwing out a pitch at a baseball game and that kid holding on to his grandma’s Rascal, I’m pretty sure we covered everything, but maybe you saw something we didn’t. Of course, you could point out that it is our job to find things and post them, and your job is not a job at all but is simply the role of the passive consumer, but if you were to point that out I would respond that there’s no SHUT UP in TEAM. Are you going to help or WHAT? Your mom doesn’t work here so blog up after your BLOGS. (Sorry. Seriously. Today. What is even up with it?)” – Sandra Bullock