How To Do Your Taxes While Inflating Your Superman Bodysuit

1. Remember that today, Tuesday, April 17th is “tax day” in the United States.
2. Try to remember where you were when you saw that Superman bodysuit for sale. You should have just bought it then, but you had recently read something that said you should wait 24 hours before purchasing things you may not need to make sure you really want them. That advice, you realize now, was garbage.
3. Remember where you saw it. “Weird & Inappropriate” clearance sale box at KB Toys, probably? Ugh. Hope they still have it.
4. They still have it. Looks like A LOT of people are waiting until the last minute to do their taxes this year! Buy it in XXXL.
5. Decide whether you should buy a new air pump with a hose, or if last year’s will still work all right. You can write that off, right? If your primary use is to fill up the bodysuit? You can probably definitely write off the new air pump. Remember to save your receipt.
6. Set up your webcam.
7. Fill the bodysuit with air to maximum capacity.

8. Do your taxes. (Via ViralViral.)