Mad Men: More People Should Settle Petty Disagreements With Bare Knuckle Fist Fights

Another weird episode! This one was directed by John Slattery. Should he direct more things? I’ll leave that to Judge Judy to decide. But there were some very odd moments, like Pete’s face dissolving into Pete’s face, a matchy-matchy office door transition, Ken’s two-sentence short story about Beethoven at the end, and the pacing of the scene where Handsome shows up to driver’s ed made me feel like a lunatic. Is. This. Show. On. Cough. Medicine. Or. Am. I. On. Cough. Medicine. Or. Both. But overall it was still good. Love the “party blazers,” boys! How many ladies watching last night’s episode were rushing to the kitchen trying to sabotage their sinks so that Jon Hamm could rush over and fix them? All? All the ladies? Take your shirt off slower, Don, the sink isn’t on fire! Meanwhile, Pete is right: Don is pretty ballsy giving him the side eye. Regardless of whether or not he thinks highly of Pete and is disappointed to find out that he’s as “human” as everyone else (being “human” means claiming that it’s “just doing your job” to sleep with prostitutes and just generally seeking out as many ways as possible to undermine your marriage, right?) it’s really not for him to cast any aspersions on anyone else’s moral conduct just because he married a 25-year-old and is getting it wet on the regular. Then again, does Pete seriously need to stare at the faucet that’s going to break soon? Or wistfully linger on Handsome’s biceps? Take a night class in home repair, dude! Do some push ups, buddy! Fuck your WIFE! But, of course, This Week’s Zou Bisou Bisou was the conference room fist fight between Lane and Pete and all I have to say is: YES, GOOD POINT. More things should be settled this way. I’m not joking. No one should get seriously injured, but a couple spots of blood on your silk neckerchief are in order when you are being a real PRIG. This is how men used to resolve their problems, and it worked out just fine. (I have no idea if it actually worked out fine. I’m assuming that it was actually pretty problematic in most cases and is obviously the mark of a brutish and immature society. Nevertheless, it is appealing. You loved it. Everyone loved it. Get him! Finish him!) It used to be if another man insulted you at George Plympton’s apartment, you’d punch that man square in the mouth. And for God’s sake, YOU DIDN’T TWEET ABOUT IT. (Although you know that Pete would have TOTALLY Tweeted about it and that’s why his face got ROCKED.) If you see something, punch someone.