Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Last night’s 30 Rock has been talked about a bunch on the Internet in the past few weeks in anticipation for the show’s response to Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant that took place in June. And it was…ok? (!) I think the idea that Tracy and Denise Richards would counter-protest in defense of idiots would have seemed funnier and more creative if it had nothing to do with reality. Unfortunately, though, in this case it kind of seemed like going soft on something that maybe they could’ve gone a bit harder on, if they were going to bring it up at all. Which is also, like, EXACTLY what she said. But I liked the Jack/Liz relationship part of the episode! Those two. Moving on. Parks and Recreation was great, no doy. I was anticipating and hoping that Paul Rudd’s character would be a legitimate opponent for Leslie, so that was actually kind of a letdown, but then his character was so great anyway so who cares. When he called them in for the meeting at the restaurant or whatever? C’mon. Very good one, Paul Rudd. A+ portrayal. Andy and April were perfect the whole time. They are my favorite TV couple, especially now that April is a human. (LOL, when she asked Anne if she was fired from being a nurse because she slept with all the doctors? That was the best.) GREAT JOB PARKS AND REC. Really holding it down. The Office was not bad, which I don’t mean as a putdown, but then I guess the fact that I don’t mean it as a putdown is an even BIGGER putdown, but whatever let’s move on. Why would Andy even want to be with Erin? He seems like he has a good thing going. Hahah. ANDY DON’T DO IT LEAVE IT IN THE PAST. Also, who is the new girl? And why are they trying to do a thing with her liking Jim? Just to get some heat back into the Jim and Pam relationship? The heat is gone, The Office! You’re just going to make us (me) upset! And I know I’m just complaining, but really the episode was enjoyable. I’m sure you know that because you watched it too. “A note, it’s a symphony.” I did not watch Up All Night. WHAT DID YOU THINK?