You Aren’t Going To Find Out How’d He Met The Mother For A While

One of the best (not best) jokes I’ve ever read on Twitter was when someone, apropos of nothing, tweeted: “So when are we ever going to find out how he met their mother?” LOL. LOOOOOOOOOL. What I liked about it was how it was like everyone was thinking it, but this guy was the only one who said it. Haha, ugh. Ugh to me. The amount that I think about and hate that tweet is definitely wrong and I don’t remember who tweeted it but I’m sorry if it was you. But the point I’m getting to is that I didn’t realize that meeting the mom on that show was a real thing? I’ve never seen it, which is my first problem, but I thought that was just the name. It turns out it’s also the frame story! You learn something new that I’m sure everyone else knows every day. Anyway, in a panel discussion at the Television Critics Association co-creator Carter Bays revealed that the show — currently in its 7th season — may not conclude for a while. From Deadline:

We totally might want to go beyond Season 8. Obviously, it won’t just be our call. It will also be about what our actors want and of course what CBS wants. But right now the network is delighted with the numbers we’re getting. If everyone’s game to go beyond Season 8, it will be a matter of how much story is left. We have that big ending planned, and we know how we need to get the characters in place to make it there.

Aarrrrggggh, BUT WE NEED TO KNOW HOW HE MET THE MOTHER! Is there any HIMYM ending speculative fan fiction out there? Have you guys ever written any for yourselves? I know I somehow just heard about this now, but knowing that there IS an ending already planned I really can’t wait until like 2015 to find out. Did he meet her through a mutual friend? Did they go to college together? Were they both late for a flight? GUYS! WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THIS SHOW? WHY CAN’T THEY JUST TELL US?! (Via Pajiba)