Hot Dog Rock For The United States Of America #1!

By Gabe Delahaye / July 1, 2011

From McSaprr’s official website:

Hot Dog Rock is the world’s first Rock Opera about hot dogs. McSAPRR is a brand new totally warped rock artist. McSAPRR is an anagram for Matt Chertkoff Sings and Plays Rock & Roll.The veteran guitarist/jazz rock sideman with the funny last name created this hilarious album as a present for America on it’s birthday (July 4th)!

Just in time for July, America’s beloved national hot dog month, McSAPRR is ready to rock the summer barbecue season with such anthems as: The Hot Dog Highway, Hot Dog Money, and Meat Pimp.


“Thank you for the present!” – America

USA! USA! COME ON PEOPLE, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? USA! USA! (Thanks for the tip, Jeff.)