Robert Smith & Co. are still ticking (and typing), but their long, storied career’s more than worthy a tribute. We mentioned Perfect As Cats: A Tribute To The Cure last month when offering up Bats For Lashes’ cover of Seventeen Seconds’ “A Forest.” The two-disc comp also includes this cover of later-period Cure’s “Disintegration” by meditative, multi-tasking post-folk Pennsylvanians Lewis & Clarke. It’s a slow, steady piano-pulsed re-visioning that strips away the original’s blustery, more upbeat density.

Perfect As Cats: A Tribute To The Cure is out 10/28 via Manimal Vinyl. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Invisible Children. You can hear more, including Kaki King’s “Close To Me” at the Perfect As Cats MySpace. Here’s the complete tracklist. Personally, curious to her Jesu’s “The Funeral Party”:

Disc One:
01 Xu Xu Fan – “Fascination Street”
02 Bat For Lashes – “A Forest”
03 Hecuba – “Killing An Arab”
04 Indian Jewelry – “The Walk 1″
05 Geneva Jacuzzi – “The Walk 2″
06 Astrid Quay – “The Caterpillar”
07 Rainbow Arabia – “Six Different Way”
08 We Are The World – “Why Can’t I Be You”
09 Blackblack – “Inbetween Days”
10 Aquaserge with Laure Briard – “10:15 Saturday Night”
11 Gangi – “Fire In Cairo”
12 Rio En Medio – “Pictures Of You”
13 Joker’s Daughter – “Kyoto Song”
14 Caroline Weeks – “The Drowning Man”
15 Ex-Reverie – “The Hanging Garden”
16 Voyager One – “M”
17 Devastations – “All Cats Are Grey”

Disc Two:
01 The Dandy Warhols – “Primary”
02 Veil Veil Vanish – “The Upstairs Room”
03 Wolfkin (ex-Junior Senior) – “Charlotte Sometimes”
04 Army Navy – “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”
05 The Muslims – “Grinding Halt”
06 Lemon Sun – “The Exploding Boy”
07 Kaki King – “Close To Me”
08 Les Bicyclettes Blanches – “Hot Hot Hot”
09 Buddy – “Sugar Girl”
10 Katrine Ottosen (CALLmeKAT) – “The Love Cats”
11 Mariee Sioux – “Love Song”
12 Corridor – “The Kiss”
13 Tara Busch – “Let’s Go To Bed”
14 Jesu – “The Funeral Party”
15 Sarabeth Tucek – “Three Imaginary Boys”
16 Lewis & Clarkes – “Disintegration”
17 Ich Bin Aiko – “A Strange Day” (iTunes Only)
18 Silver Summit – “A Night Like This” (iTunes Only)
19 Black Hole Oscillators – “The Baby Screams” (iTunes Only)
20 The Holy Kiss – “One Hundred Years” (iTunes Only)

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