Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Round And Round"

When Paw Tracks reissued Ariel Pink’s (1999 album) Doldrums in 2004, the predominant angle on the L.A. multi-instrumentalist was his appearance as the first non-Animal Collective-related artist on their label. The music = secondary. He wasn’t written about without an AC reference. Paw Tracks went on to reissue Worn Copy and House Arrest, too, but Ariel Rosenberg’s given those who’re listening so much material that outside label and P.R. copy, the early AC affiliation’s largely been relegated to the dustbowl of, well, a handful of years. Whatever the case, he recently signed with 4AD for his fleshed-out next outing. The lead single, “Round And Round,” is soft-lit, slightly off-kilter lava-lamp jam. Get cozy with your puppy and listen.

The “Round And Round” 7″ is out 4/26 via 4AD. Look for the album later in the Spring.

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  1. YES! SO GOOD.

  2. Incredible. I am loving this. Such a perfect chorus. This will surely be one of my favorite records of this year. CANT WAIT FOR MORE!

  3. Awesome sound. Awesome image.

  4. Crazy artwork )))))

  5. WTF!!!!!!! I NEVER SAW ANYTHING MORE MESSED UP! WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the dog is sexy

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  7. i love the toung sticking out, it adds the affect

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  9. derpyderpherp’s real name is Joseph T. Kehoe

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