LCD Soundsystem - "Pow Pow"

The James Murphy-soundtracked (and cameod) Greenberg’s out in limited release today, which is maybe why LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” surfaced yesterday and now we can pass along a snippet from another new one, “Pow Pow.” It’s a sing-speak “Losing My Edge”-esque anthem that conjures Murphy’s thing for Ultimate Fighting with the “Pow Pow” while name-dropping Michael Musto (who’s told to “eat it”), a nod that crystallizes the slightly old-school Downtown NYC party vibe. It’s being released as a UK single for reason.

More on the “Pow Pow” 12″ at Juno Records. The new, still untitled, Yves Saint Laurent-approved third album is out on DFA/Virgin 5/17. A few days later, you can catch the band 5/20 and 5/21 at Terminal 5 in NYC. As Murphy notes:

after much deliberation, it looks like we’re going to play shows. in new york. where we live. after the shows we’re going to sleep in our own beds, which is somewhat amazing. we’re playing at terminal 5, and the show is being put on by the bowery presents people, who have been good to us for YEARS (note the 8 million shows at the bowery ballroom). so we’re psyched.

Ticket info at

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  1. i prefer boom boom pow…for real.

  2. this sounds like disco art brut…that whole talk-sing thing…blah blah

  3. eat it, Terminal 5

  4. This sounds like a bunch of retards who cashed in their Chuck E. Cheese tokens to get a keyboard that has preset beats on it. Sounds like The Talking Heads with Downs. :(

    • ere dustbin mcfunklestein, you be a total mcfillistein, people with downs have talking heads, so chuck ya cheese and visit falaraki in rhodes, were you will be well accomadated, and take your opinions,(which would be accepted if you knew wot you were on about) and shove em were the lcd sun dont shine,, must go, gotta switch of the bunch of retards, that you are listening to who i know nuttin about, so iam now gonna put this quality tune back on in my house my house!

      • Listen, I’m not trying to piss on anyone’s parade here. I’m glad you like this band. Really. I am. I’m even happier that in this day and age, a guy like James Murphy can get signed to a label and have people listen to his music and all of that good stuff. With that being said, this song is one of the worst things I’ve heard in a long time.

        To call this a “quality tune” is such an outlandish misnomer. This sounds like Kids Bop Disco or Daniel Johnston singing over a horribly recorded Pet Shop Boys b-side.

        Not to sound like Lester Bangs, but Wesley Willis was doing this shit for years and years, and his music was actually entertaining, but only because it was a morbidly obese black man with obvious mental deficiencies singing about McDonald’s and bestiality. This, on the other hand, is not entertaining on any level other than the fact that people actually think it’s a good song.

  5. I also like how you’re album is selling and i can’t wait to see you on the Dustbin mcfinklestein tour its going to be sweet! Your new single is really good too.

    Don’t criticize a respected art just because you are unable to achieve the same standard in your own work.

  6. I don’t have a current album or single to sell, nor a tour to promote, so you’re out of luck on that one, Daniel.

    I’m not criticizing this for any specific other than I really don’t like it. “Drunk Girls” rips off some ’90s sitcom theme song and this “Pow Pow” song is really terrible.

  7. Average..

  8. really looking forward to this record.
    not impressed by Drunk Girls at all but Pow Pow is what I would expect from LCD.
    it’s nothing new but it’s still fun and that’s what LCD seems to be about to me.
    Dustbin mcfinklestein apparently doesn’t know shit about shit btw.
    James Murphy is on DFA and one of the owners so he didn’t have to “get signed” he signed himself.
    and really? Wesley Willis? How can you even compare the two? They are completely different.
    chunga is right: fans of talking heads i think appreciate what LCD does.
    Go listen to Bieber or something.

    • Actually, Joe, I know enough about shit to know that this song sounds like shit. I apologize for not doing my full investigative research duties on the history of James Murphy and the DFA label before I commented on his terrible song. If I may use the internet to correct myself, I should have said “sign himself to his own label” instead of “get signed to a label” since it really makes that big of a fucking difference.

      And as a fan of the Talking Heads, I can appreciate what LCD Soundsystem does, much like I can appreciate the artwork of John Wayne Gacy and the fashion sensibilities of the Third Reich, but that doesn’t mean I have to like any of it.

      Also, if you’re telling me you can’t hear the resemblance between “Pow Pow” and this gem:

      …then you need get your hearing checked.

      And I’ll listen to Justin Bieber, but only if you come over so we can misspell our internet names together and tell strangers how dumb they are because we don’t agree with their opinions over the internet. <3

      Your new friend,
      Dustbin McFinklesplein (LOL)

  9. Dood, you are clueless. You prolly think you’re interesting and erudite. But chumpsville had a new Mayr McCheese. LCD and James Murphy are geniuses. Topical lyrics that make you think. The electropunk sound. Their peerage in the music industry is tops and they’re on James Murphy’s own label DFA. Let’s leave it at “You just aren’t a fan, and can’t appreciate them. The JWG BS is just that. All hail your purposeless hyperbole.

  10. And by, I am referring to Finklestein.

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