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Hot Chip visited the Jo Whiley’ show on BBC Radio 1 on Saturday to do a live-in-the-studio version of “I Feel Better” and a cover of Shakira’s “She Wolf.” The “She Wolf” single was a step in an electro/disco direction for Shakira, so the Hot Chip cover feels pretty natural, except for Alexis Taylor’s little wolf cub howls. It really says something about Shakira, though, that her howls sound like a totally normal part of her vocal repertoire, and that she fit the word “lycanthropy” so well into this song. Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside played guitar with the band on both their song and the cover .

(Via Abeano Music via P4K)

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  1. auuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  2. I only know of this song due to the incredible music video that came with it. I will now go watch it on youtube.

  3. “She-Wolf” was one of my favorite singles of last year*, and I also think it says something about Shakira that the rapid-fire vocals sound effortless for her and strained here. Still, I like this cover a lot.

    *Unfortunately, the single sounded absolutely nothing like the entire rest of the album.

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