The Life Champion tag’s not one to be thrown around too liberally. And yet there is Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig, whose proven over five seasons at SNL that she is the best, and reconfirms her Life Champion #1 status by making a whole ’80s-pop styled song about being a champion. It’s called “Champion.” That is because she does everything right. It is mad inspirational. (“Don’t give up on your dreams, grab the dragon by the tip of its wings. Don’t give up on me because a hero is brave you and you were meant to be a champion, a champion, yes you’ll become a champion.”) Hot bridge, too. The track comes from the soundtrack to Will Forte’s forthcoming Jorma Taccone-directed MacGruber, which is a movie about mullets. (Kristen’s character is Vicki St. Elmo.) The world’s best people just got a new theme song:

Movie’s out 5/21. MacGruber has a very carefully cultivated internet presence so far (e.g. He follows only four people on Twitter: Sammy Hagar, Heather Locklear, Elisha Cuthbert, and Señor Frogs, life champs all), though the internet will get hectic with MacGruber’s presence after the film “drops.” (It looks great.) Also, Wiig’s got two more songs on the soundtracklist in case you needed two more reasons to love her:
01 Corbread Compton & The Silverlake Choir – “MacGruber’s Theme”
02 The Black Keys – “Heavy Soul”
03 Toto – “Rosanna”
04 Gerry Rafferty – “Baker Street”
05 The Hives – “Tick Tick Boom”
06 Emerson, Lake & Powell – “Touch N’ Go”
07 Eddie Money – “Take Me Home Tonight”
08 Quarterflash – “Harden My Heart”
09 Kristen Wiig – “A Perfect Number”
10 Mr. Mister – “Broken Wings”
11 Robbie Dupree – “Steal Away”
12 Kristen Wiig (Feat. MacGruber & Lightspeed Champion) – “Rock My Body”
13 Michael Bolton – “Love Is A Wonderful Thing”
14 Matthew Compton – “The MacGruber Suite”
15 Kristen Wiig – “Champion”

Friend of the ’Gums Alex Blagg is embedded with the MacGruber college tour this week. Check out his gallery of MacGroomed celebs here. They hit UCLA tomorrow.

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  1. This soundtrack has all my favorite cheesy ’80s jams.

    “Harden My Heart” = also great in Wet Hot American Summer, which never got an official soundtrack. But you can track down a fan torrent…

    Also: coming soon.

  2. This just reminds me of Ace of Base

  3. i really hate how many “double downs” are on this site right now…

    great jam though.

  4. wait.. is the Cornbread/Matthew Compton in the soundtrack listing the drummer of Engine Down/Biology/Cursive(briefly) fame???

  5. This song “Champion” was written by Nate Heller. He owns and operates a recording and production facility in Oakland called Leilos Sound, and does guitar/vocals for the band Wendy Darling.

    And Kristen throws it down!

  6. Joke songs should not be this good.

  7. Saw an advance screening of this movie last night. Funny, but I kind of expected it to be a little more over-the-top. Still enjoyable, though.

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