CNN Asks: “Got Cred?”

Well do ya, pun … err, hipster? CNN had teased this exposé, but the time has come to see if “you have what it takes to walk the walk and talk the talk in the indie scene, a scene that thrives on snobbery and does not look kindly on newbies.” We have no idea what the fuck these Johnny-come-latelys are going on about, but if you’re curious, take’s Indie Cred quiz.

Tune in, if only for their responses to yours. (Correctly answering the Jenny in The Wizard question elicits: “Jenny Lewis also plays in the band Rilo Kiley”!) Our experimental clicking lead to a 3/10 score, earning us this profundity:

Poser alert! Better fill up your Netflix queue with recommended selections from their independent section and beg your local record shop clerk to clue you in on need-to-know bands and albums.

But they forgot to ask one question, so we’ll pose it for them. Fill in the blank: People who use to test their indie cred are…